Aahrenwold pt. 3

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 6/11/2011

Chapter 4

Kalen sat up. There was something moving out in the dark.
"Probably the dragon" He told himself. But he didn't believe it.
"Aaaughh!" Kalen screamed. Not yelled, screamed. Fact: girls yell, Boys scream. Like this one.
"What?" said the other boy?
"Where did you come from?" asked Kalen.
"Absolutely nowhere" replied the boy.
"Oh, wai... Huh?"
"I thinjumfell in"
"To rephrase. I thinked, jumped and fell here"
"Oh" said Kalen. He was feeling very, very confused.
New question.
"Who are you”?
The boy smiled.
"I'm Aalen Fideli. The Left."
"Oh" said Kalen. "My name's Kalen. Of Aahrenwold."
"What?" Kalen was even more confused.
“Your name is Kalen Fideli the Right.”

Chapter 5

As they stood a few feet from the wall, Nonomen said to Jack “Well, he should be here soon”.
“But why is he not here now?” replied Jack.
“Because I was busy doing my job” boomed the dragon.
“Aack” Nunk yelled.
“Oh, there you are.” Said Nomen.
“Why have you called me?” Alegis asked.
“To return your amulet, and to inform you that the newcomer is Kalen of Aahrenwold.”
“All this I already knew” said the dragon.
“You did?” Jack was incredulous.
“Not really.” Alegis admitted.

Kalen was dubious “How on Earth would you know what my name is or isn’t?”
“I wouldn’t. But we’re not on Earth are we?”
“Aren’t we?”
“Where are we then?”
Aalen looked around. “Currently, you and I are on the lovely little planet Aeturnuvita.”
“And you have super powers here?” Kalen asked.
Aalen looked surprised “Doesn’t everybody?”

Chapter 6

Jack nudged Nomen none too lightly “There’s a man over there”.
“Where?” said Nonomen. “You know I can’t see in the dark.”
“Oh, right. Well, he’s over to your left.”
“I still don’t see him”
Alegis sniffed “I can smell him, he’s a prince of some sort. Most likely from Malocas.”
“How d’you know that?” asked Nunk.
“He is wearing expensive perfumes, cloves and he is sweating. Princes must wear cloves to be in the Emperor's presence, A two day journey on a horse puts him in Malocas.” Alegis explained. “It’s all very simple”

The sun rose over the horizon. The sky was clear, unlike Kalen’s mind.  He had been thinking about what Aalen had said the night before.
It didn’t make sense; no one had superpowers right?
“Yes they do”
Kalen wheeled around
“Hi” said Nomen.
“Oh, hi.” Kalen replied.
“People do have powers sometimes, like I can read minds, and Nunk can see in the dark.”
“Really?” Kalen was not convinced.
How else have I said what you were thinking?”
Kalen couldn’t answer that. His mind flicked back to Aalen and his statement last night.
“He’s right you know.” Nonomen sat down “Aalen’s right about people having powers. And your name is Kalen Fideli the Right.”
“But how would he know?” asked Kalen.
“He wrote the book”



You are the weirdest writer I have ever met!!! And that is a super big complement :)

This such a weird story! I can't wait to read more!

But I'm getting confused with all the character names... umm.... Who are those guys that keep popping up the, Nunk, Alegis, Jack and Nomen (oh another thing, are Nonomen and Nomen the same person, just name spelling error's? Or are they two diferent people? Just a bit confused, thanks ;-) )

Loved the last line!!!

Will read more!

Write on!

Kassady | Wed, 08/17/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

this story is not planned out at all.

the names are confusing.
Nonomen Gemini also called Nomen, brother of Nonunquam aka Nunk aka Jack.
Alegis is the dragon.

Aalen Fideli | Mon, 08/20/2012

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