Aahrenwold pt. 6

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 6/27/2011

Chapter 10

Jack looked around. Where had Aalen gone?
Glancing back at Alegis, Jack walked out into the woods.
it was amazing, only an hour ago Jack was dodging dragon tail, and now Alegis was his best friend.
Jack started. He heard a stick snap. "Aalen? Is that you? Alegis?"
"Nope." said Nordic Malushomo.
"Alegis!" Jack fell. Pierced by an arrow.

Nomen jumped. “Where did that arrow come from?”
“A bow.” said Aalen.
Kalen looked around. “Who fired the bow Aalen?”
“A mercenary, working for Nordic.”
“Who?” Kalen and Nomen chorused.
“Nordic Malushomo.”
Kalen dodged another arrow. “Explain later.”

Sora looked around her. She was in what seemed to be a courtyard without windows.
“What a beautiful flower” she said.
It was orange and red and gold, the inside was purple and there was a long petal hanging off the side.
As Sora reached to pick the flower, it burst into flame.

Aalen danced around like a madman.
“Wahoo, yay, whee!” he yelled.
Kalen ducked. Here they were, being shot at, and Aalen was whooping and dancing.
“Get down!” Kalen shouted. “Why are you dancing?”
“She woke up!” Aalen replied.
“The beginning of the end!”

Alegis flew towards the scream.
He blamed himself for… well, whatever just happened.
As he reached the still form of Jack, Alegis saw a man running away.
Alegis Etus Ordinius roared, blew a stream of fire and chased the man through the woods.
As He caught the man, Alegis shrieked “This day has been what I hope was your best, because it is your last”
The mercenary slumped against the tree; his life’s blood reddening the ground.
Alegis turned and winged his way back to Jack’s body.
Where was the body?
It was gone, vanished without a trace.

Chapter 11

Jack awoke suddenly. The pain in his chest was awful.
“Well” he thought “I did get shot… where am I?
He was lying on a stone floor, surrounded by immense stone walls.
“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto.”
He stood, holding his chest.
Walking over to a section of wall that appeared to have been carved on, Nunk tripped, rolled into the wall and stood, all in one motion.
He had passed through the wall to… wherever this was.
“What a beautiful flower”
Jack turned to look at the girl.
She was about fifteen, five foot two and extremely pretty.
Nonunc Nonumquam Gemini sighed, hiccoughed and fell over all at once.
The girl turned, startled by the sudden appearance of this small boy.
“Who are you?” she asked.
Jack stood up “I am Numquam nonuncamen giminai… I mean…”
The girl laughed. “you are a funny little boy, my name is Sora Delavici. It’s nice to meet you.”
Jack blushed. Noticing something he quickly composed himself. “Sora, you’re on fire.”
Now it was Sora’s turn to blush. “thank you, I think.”
“No!” Jack ran over to her “you are actually on fire. As in burning!”
After beating out the flames, Nunk helped Sora to her feet.
“Thank you little boy” she said. “I wonder how I caught fire?”
“No comment.” Jack replied.”
”It must have been that flower” Sora said.
“That’s why I never smell ‘em. Jack said. “too dangerous.”
“No silly, there was this flower that I was going to pick. And it caught fire before I could.”
“Yeah” Sora looked around “there are the ashes right there”
“There was a bird in your flower?”
Jack giggled “Right there, it looks like your flower had a plucked baby chicken in it”
“Oh, it’s so cute!” Sora squealed.
“Oh, it’s so ugly.” Jack said.
“Well I think it’s cute so there.” Sora laughed “What do I call you?”
“Call me Jack” said Jack.
“I was talking about the bird.” Sora replied “How about Ffyrx?”
“How bout Dudley? The dud.”
“I like Ffyrx. said Sora.
The bird whistled an eerie call.
“And so does he”


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