Aahrenwold pt. 7

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 7/4/2011

Chapter 12

Aalen and Kalen ran for cover.
Finding a fallen tree, they ducked underneath.
"Where's Nomen?" Kalen asked.
"I honestly don't know." Aalen replied
"What? I thought you were writing this story. Where is he?"
"I haven't figured out what happened to him yet. I write along as my thoughts come to me."
"Aalen, look out!" Kalen screamed.
Aalen looked at the arrow protruding from his chest.
"That wasn't supposed to..."

Sora stared at the bird.
It had grown considerably, it already had most of its feathers in, and it was already trying to fly.
The bird screeched; a long and mournful cry.
Sora looked concerned "What is it Ffyrx?"
Ffyrx looked her in the eye.
Calling again, he attempted to fly off.
"You can't fly yet, silly bird"
Gazing around at the impenetrable walls of the courtyard, Sora saw Jack walking dazedly toward her.
"Jack!" she yelled.
He looked up. "Where?"
"What? What do you mean 'Where'?"
"Where is Jack?"
"You're Jack."
"No, my name is Nonomen Gemini"

Kyle stared at his computer monitor.
It was gone. His entire story, Gone.
Restarting his computer, Kyle wondered if he would be able to get the story back.
Not likely.

Chapter 13

Kalen looked up at the stars. There were none.
The sky was like a Vast, Black Ocean.
There was that music again: The Phoenix rises before your eyes as the sun sets low in the sky, The fire flashes and from the ashes the Phoenix Flow'r will fly.

Sora and Nonomen watched as Ffyrx burst into bright flame.
"Ffyrx!" Sora screamed. "No!"
"Wait." Nomen said, "He's flying"
Ffyrx flew over the wall and disappeared.

Alegis Etus Ordinius was in mourning. He had erected a cross on the spot where Jack's body had lain.
He draped his locket on the cross, and walked away.
Why had he not protected Jack? Why had the boy died?
Alegis looked up. An eerie cry echoed throughout the forest.
A fireball soared into view.
Was that a bird?
Alegis flew after the flaming avian.
The Phoenix stared Alegis in the eye. Flying off in a new direction, it screamed its cry to the world.
Alegis followed.
It's not every day you see a combustible bird.


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