Advanced Relative Perception and Reaction

An Essay By Aalen Fideli // 5/10/2012

Advanced Relative Perception and Reaction (ARPR) is a mental ability that allows the (user?) to think faster than normal which causes a perceived "slowing" of time.
The brain (for example) collects information which you process at a normal rate (60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes an hour.) ARPR makes it seem as if there were (a number) seconds a minute allowing you to react faster (or slower; on long car rides for instance) than normal.
Nothing actually changes, but you perceive time differently.
ARPR is like super-speed and slowmotion at the same time.

This essay is a bit short and a bit boring so i'm opening a question and answer thingy in the comments.

Enjoy using ARPR.


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