Bedtime Stories for a Comatose Sister - Chapter One: Nightlark

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 1/22/2013


The team crouches behind some rocks.
Tuor peeks over one of the boulders.
He exchanges a glance with Aerandir.
They all look at each other, and move towards the camp.

The team makes their way into a main tent.
Tuor, Lessien and Valandil stop by the tent opening and watch while Aerandir opens a small, wooden chest.
He pulls a stuffed animal and a carved statuette out of the chest.
The team looks hopefully at Aerandir.

Think this one’ll work?

I dunno... I hope so.

He walks past them out of the tent.
They follow him slowly.


Tanner, Brian, Amy and Matt wake up.
They unplug their spinereaders from a laptop computer sitting on a table in the middle of the four chairs, and remove their headphones.
Tanner walks over to the reconstruction chamber.

AMY (O.S.)
We’ll help her, Tanner.

The chamber glows and starts humming.
[In-camera effect]
Tanner watches the stuffed animal and statue being constructed.

She’ll be okay, man. And she is going to love the stuff you've brought her.

Tanner pulls the toys out of the chamber.

I won’t be satisfied until she’s awake and playing with them.

Scene darkens as Tanner walks out of the room followed by Brian, Matt and Amy.


The door opens and Tanner slips in.
He looks at all of the machines and monitors hooked up to his sister.
He glances around to see if anyone is watching.
He pulls the stuffed animal out of his coat and places it under his sister’s arm.
We see past him as he straightens to the door where the team are watching.
The sounds of the hospital disappear as Tanner waits.
Matt, Brian and Amy look at each other as they close the door.
Tanner stands next to his sister, waiting for something, anything, to happen.
The sound comes back as he turns suddenly and walks out of the room.
The camera doesn't follow him, but tracks down, level with Jane.
The scene stalls, Inception style, and cuts.


Love it.

Really, I enjoyed it. Got me hooked and holding my breath. If you make the film, give us a link to it. :)

Maddi | Tue, 01/22/2013

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Will do.

Thank you!

Aalen Fideli | Wed, 01/23/2013

Music I created