Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 1/22/2013

OOC: This story is based on the song Bloss by Mr Bill and Freddy Todd
Listen to it to get a mental image of what the story feels like.

The air was thick and gray.
A heavy fog covered the woods in a cold, murky shadow.
Light streamed through the air, making the woods seem watery and sad.
A long, shuddering creak came muffled through the fog. Then another.
Then, with a squelchy hissing of steam and a rasping of rusty hinges, the metal monster loomed into view.
It appeared frighteningly close, very suddenly. Because it materialized from the fog so suddenly and so close, it seemed like a phantom. Upon closer inspection however, one could tell that this monster was simply a gentle giant, if a bit shaky.
The Bloss lumbered forward, unsure of its direction of travel. It paused, swaying precariously.
Then its blue eyes glowed a little brighter, as if it recognized where it was, and it turned and staggered, slowly off into the fog.

Night had fallen on the sleepy little town of Nahoma. Its residents had settled in for the night and the streets were empty save for a stray cat.
A gentle wind blew dead leaves through the trees and between the houses, contrasting with the peaceful warmth emanating from the glowing windows and the friendly smoke rolling from the chimneys.
As the fog flowed in from the woods, a low, rumbling moan echoed through the trees.
The echoes seemed to bounce impossibly around the town for most of the night.
Then, just before morning, the noise and the fog disappeared simultaneously.
The sun slid up over the horizon, sending warm rays of light into the woods and the windows.

In the middle of the Ebinand mountains ran a lonely stretch of highway. The road crawled out of the valley and winded its way through the trees toward the top of the Ebinand.
For the residents of Nahoma and the nearby towns, the road was the only way to get to the city, so they didn't complain. But for the tourists who vacationed in the mountains, the road was a pain in the parts that were already sore from sitting in a car for three hours.
Such was the situation for Thomas Detvick.
He had been driving for nearly nine hours straight, and he desperately needed a rest area.
As he drove, he lamented the long-distance driving trap; you could drink coffee to stay awake but you would have to go to the bathroom sooner.
Detvick noted the fog up ahead and reached down to switch on his headlights.
When he looked up he immediately had to swerve to the side of the road to avoid the large form that had appeared in front of his car.
The car bounced over the side of the road and crunched solidly into a ditch.
Detvick looked in the rear-view mirror to see if he could catch a glimpse of the thing that had forced him off the road.
What he saw made the hair on his neck stand on end.
Two round glowing eyes were staring back at him.
Detvick shrunk in his seat, the need for a restroom long forgotten.
The eyes continued to stare into the mirror for a minute more, then they swung away.
Detvick sat huddled in the bottom of the driver's seat. After a minute, he peeked out the side window of the car.
He let out a terrified yell; The monster was walking toward the front of the car.
The Bloss paused as it reached the front of the vehicle.
Then it reached down and shoved the car back onto the road.
It stood, staring at what it had done as if confused. Then it turned, and lumbered away, completely ignoring both car and driver.
Detvick sat stunned for a second, collecting his thoughts. Once his thoughts had formed themselves into one screaming ball of fear, he drove away as if the monster was walking towards the car rather than away from it.

The Bloss made its way slowly down the mountain.
Apart from a raccoon that had decided to investigate the lumbering giant, the monster was undisturbed on its voyage.
The day was almost spent when the Bloss came to the river at the bottom of the mountain.
It stood, staring blankly at the fast flowing water for a minute. Then two.
Ten minutes later, the Bloss had shown no signs of activity except for the flickering of the light in its eyes.
Then it straightened up, and walked into the river.
Though it showed no outward signs of tiring, the Bloss was obviously having a hard time walking against the current.
The giant robot finally climbed out of the river five minutes later and as many yards downstream.
It looked around as if it expected to be somewhere else.
Then it seemed to see something in the distance and lurched toward it.

“Doctor Camdan! It's coming sir!”
A young nurse burst into the office of Dr. Lawrence F. Camdan, knocking stacks of papers to the floor.
Camdan stood, “You are certain?”
“I'm certain of nothing with that thing out there.'
“Ah, that is where you are mistaken.” Dr. Camdan walked into the hall and motioned for the nurse to walk with him. “There is very little that is more certain than that robot. Though the poor thing is confused ninety-two percent of the time.”
“Why is that?” The nurse asked.
Dr. Camdan looked grim. “Because it hears nothing but ringing and screeching and whistling and beeping and hissing and static all day and all night.”
“Nothing else?”
“Occasionally it will hear laughing.”
“Poor son of a hummer.”
Camdan smiled sadly. “Yes. Though it seemed happy enough last time I saw it. It was chasing a butterfly through the yard.”
“How does that colossus chase anything?”
“I use the word in the loosest sense possible.”

OOC: I'm not done with it yet, but I wanted to post it to get a reaction.


A great start

I love the attention to detail and the flow of the scenes. Actually reminds a bit of a few stories I once read, like a mix of all those things at once. Keep at it! Looking forward to an update. Was the song the only inspiration or did you have the idea for it before then?


The Lovely Blue | Thu, 02/28/2013

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