Dear James (cc: everyone else)

Aalen Fideli // 7/13/2012

ooc: before i say anything: No Offense! i realize there are good reasons explaining my complaints. just let me rant a bit and i'll be fine.

Why don't we have more pieces of Apricotpie?
Like illustrations or soundtracks or better backgrounds? (seriously, James. the sidebars are pretty boring.)
I may or may not be the only author here who is any good at drawing but i'm sure somebody has pictures that go with their story stuff. maybe that could be the new sidebars. (i kinda have a pet peeve against the blue denim sidebars.)
And music. AP is a lot muchly better while listening to music. if there was a widget at the top of the post (or on the sidebar...) you could turn on and play the song the author picked to go along with the story, that'd be awesome.
now i realize that you could just go to youtube or whatever but c'mon.

Arguments against these ideas might include cost, maintenance difficulty, copyrights, propriety (is that like whether or not it's G-rated?), other stuff...
but we could at least have an empty sidebar you could write on or post pictures in. (don't hate, it's not graffiti)

also we should be allowed to comment on series pages. i know the free-ness of it demands a handicap but there's probably a way to limit the wordcount.


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