A Poem By Aalen Fideli // 1/14/2012

intro ambience...


bass beat in a steady groove.

makes everybody in the club want to move.

chipstep is a wonderful sound, with a

bass so hard that it shakes the ground

party suddenly filled with robots

music slowly getting more like

sound is building, cymbal filling the

silence spilling from the speakers.


drums kick in on a simple beat.

just enough to make you move your feet.

the sound spills into the street.

making everyone who hears start dancing.

the dance floor's already packed.

this is going to be one sick track.

the rest of the party stops as the

people brace themselves for the bass drop.


nope. but it doesn't come.

dancers feel that the DJ's stalling.

getting slightly repetitive.

an additive to the ambiance, not.

song keeps going like it was before.

and just when the music is getting boring.

sound is building, cymbal filling the

silence spilling from the speakers.


drop. almost to a stop.

almost like it forgot to get better, wait.


high synth kicking in.

this is where the song begins.

you get the idea.

momentum building in here.

i believe i should mention

the reson for the musical tension

is merely to get your attention.

listen to the song.

drums are building

filling up the empty

bass drop


glitches and drums together.

breakbeat with awesome sauce.

you can pretty much toss the rest of the song cause

this is what you were waiting for.

prepare for impact.

this is where the drums come back.


slamming beat, it's dancer heaven

who cares if it's after eleven.

we could dance till armaggedon

if this song could last till then

with all the epic power

this party will last for hours

sound is building, cymbal filling the

silence spilling from the speakers.

... and the silence wins...


we came to party.

now where's the music.

you can't have a party

if you don't have


and the music's back.

building up the track.

it's sounding pretty sick.

and the bassline just got Epic.

extremely dragged out slowly getting higher stalling piece of chord progression.


and we're back to normal.

it's like we went through a wormhole of sound.

the ground is shaking again.

i think that this is where i came in.

it's stalling again

i'm thinking this track is


quietly the song comes back

a familiar part of an awesome track


drums break in and i do mean broken

it's like a computer choking

it just cant handle the awesome

power and synergy locked in the


the music charges up

set the phasers on stun.

you ain't heard nothing yet

cause this is the part where the song gets fun.

it's like the breathing of a cyborg

who's about to blow your face off.

you can't see him yet

but you expect it any second




just sayin', but why has no one else commented on this? This is pretty epic... Well done, you.

Gina I. | Tue, 11/26/2013

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