The History of Arpag (chapter the first)

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 6/20/2012

o.o.c. this is what resulted of a conversation with Leinad Romethe. while reading, keep in mind that this is based off of a forum gaming ideal. any reference to 'gods' is fictional with the intent of being humorous.

The five deities of Arpag sat at the Great Table. They were about to set forth a new world.
The god Kenline spoke: "Friends, we do here set about a new world. We have decided to take turns creating species and tribes. "As it was I who initiated this, it shall be I who do create first character. "In your turn, you each shall create one people group, starting to my right."
Kenline then created humans.
The god Poole was next, and created elves.
Dunn created dwarves, Coutu created goblins and Frerichs created zombies.
The species were in place.
The gods advanced time to a more civilized era.
Kenline set the Clerics of the Holy Brotherhood in place.
Poole constructed the Elvish Keep of the Elements.
Dunn made Cathedrals in the Caverns of Gaia for the Mining Monks.
Coutu created the dark halls of the Black Market.
And Frerichs made a crater for the zombies.

As time went on, there was tension among the peoples of Arpag.
The elves of the Keep grew frustrated with the behavior of humanity.
There was contention between dwarves and goblins.
And the zombies were generally hostile.

Sensing an impending War, the gods commenced the production of Heroes. For the humans there was brought forth Leinad the Intrepid.
For the elves was Nosam the Clear.
For the dwarves was Eric the Impervious.
The goblins rolled dice, and the loser became Davur the Murky.
And the zombies were generally hostile.

If you are a human then you probably are not attracted to alien species. This is a matter of personal opinion of course... But, as a general rule, Humans don't like Goblins.
Or vice versa.
You could say that goblins are humanoid.
Goblins tend to disagree.
Goblins are slightly shorter than the average human. Their skin is a flat grey, but can be yellowish or muddy green. They have flatter, shorter skulls; long noses that are often pointed, hooked or broken; longer ears than elves; sharp chins and flat black hair.
This is probably not an important or useful description, but then again, the dwarves like to have a good description of anything they want to whack.

Dwarves are short, stocky, belligerent people, dark in nature and dark in residence.
None of the stories of small bearded diggers who rescue princesses have any semblance to the stygian Dark Miners of Gehenna Forge.

Humans are bipedal, fair-skinned people; out of touch with nature.
There is naught else to be stated.

Elves are taller and of lighter build than humans. Their hair is usually light blond. They are in touch with the elements and are incredibly disgruntled when a member of any species messes with Stuff.

Zombies are generally hostile. and dead. mostly.


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