The Home, Generation one (chapter one)

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 3/8/2012

 (o.o.c.) this is less of an actual story and more like an explanation, but I didn't want to make it into an essay.


Adren waited impatiently for the clock's hands to move. The day was dragging on like a flying carpet that's out of gas.
 "Forget the clock," She told herself. "Concentrate on something else."
Adren started to write in her journal, but couldn't think of anything to write.
Finally she reached for her cell phone and began dialing Kamor's number.
"He'll think of something to do."
As the phone intermittently made ringing noises, Adren started to daydream.

Kamor and Adren had been friends since age two, and they had had quite a few adventureish escapades together. Kamor was usually the one who thought of the bad ideas, but Adren seemed to be the one who ended up doing them.

Kamor had a motto: If something can be done, do it. Adren's motto ran more along the lines of: if you think it can be done I'll show you how to do it.

Adren could be classified as a moderate one-upper and tomboyish lady-girl. With serious differences.

Perhaps I should explain.

Adren and Kamor are what are known as "Genomic Separatists"
They have powers.
Which is why Adren is currently in total lockdown.
People, no matter how sophisticated, are superstitious. And when they see a girl of seventeen flying over the city and moving lakes, they freak out.
Kamor is little better. He seems to be operating on a different realm than most humans.
The eyes give it away. Adren has eyes that appear to be literally filled with water and Kamor's eyes are a crystalline fire with stark white pupils.
Adren is a bender; she can manipulate different elements with her mind. This leads to her being able to fly, walk on water, levitate objects and control certain animals.
Kamor is a shader; he can see through walls, read minds, think faster than humanly possible and his mind is almost literally disconnected.
These things freak most people out, to the extent that the government put a curfew and then a restraining order on all humans with powers.
Adren did not obey either one. That ended her up in high security house arrest.

She had been in lockdown for a total of one hour now and she was bored to the extreme.

She now realized that her phone was making that beeping slash barking noise that tells you to hang up.
Adren had been asleep for twenty minutes.

She hung up the phone and sat up.
There was a knock at the door.

Kamor walked in. "You're free to go," said he.
"What?" Adren was utterly surprised.
Kamor smiled, are rare thing from him. "They're letting you go."
Adren frowned "What did you do to them?"
"Nothing much."
"Did you blow their minds?"
"Oh, Kamor."
Kamor turned, "Are you coming?"
"Yes!" Adren gathered her things and followed Kamor out the door.

As they passed through the front door, Adren glanced at the two guards. She quickly looked away from their bleeding ears; Kamor had indeed blown their minds.

She walked quickly to where Kamor had parked his car.
As she and Kamor buckled their seat belts, she asked, "Where are we going?"
"I know a Home for separatists."
"Is it nice?"
"It can only get better."

Adren had time for one last thought before they drove off for the Home: "Me, Kamor and a bunch of separatists? This could be great."


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(o.o.c.) I'm honestly not sure what I'm explaining, but it turned out okay. maybe i was trying to explain how not to write a superhero story. whatever, Peace In.


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