The Home, Generation One (chapter seven)

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 7/28/2013

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Three months later...

Nick appeared in the living room with a smile on his face that would have put the cheshire cat to shame. "Hey guys!" he yelled.
"What?" shouted Meg.
Nick jumped on a chair. "Everyone get in here!"

Faces filled the room as the various inhabitants of Teach ar Leith gathered around to see what was going on.
Ianthe folded her arms and frowned, "What's going on, Nick?"
"One second. Has anybody seen Alix?"
"I'm here. Sorry." A ghostly ball of blue-green light floated out of the lamp and formed itself into Alix.
Nick grinned even wider. Amazingly, that was still possible. "Good. Alright, I've got news!"
"Get on with it then..." growled a voice at the back of the group.
"I heard that, Meg. Okay, we've got incoming! New G-Seps!"

A mixed cheer filled the room.

"Stats?" asked Ryan.
Nick flopped down in the chair. "Two funkies, one shader."
Chara made her way to the front of the crowd. "Um, what are their names?" she asked, shyly.
"Glad you asked, Chesh." Nick sat up straighter. "There's Lyssa, Gem and Tyler."
"Okay, thanks." Chara shrunk back into the group.

Nick stood up. "Okay, to business. Item one: Someone give Cheshire Cat a hug. Item two: Rooms. Do we have three open beds?"
"No," snapped Meg. "We don't."
"Alright, we'll have to get some then! Guys, can you handle that?"
Ben, Ryan, Icard and Alix nodded. "We've got this, Nick."
Nick nodded, then turned to Mark. "Good. Hey, Mark. What's wrong buddy?"
"Nothing..." Mark shrugged.
"Business item three: Mark, you hug Chara."
Mark rolled his dark grey eyes.


A small boy sat on the wall surrounding an old church. He was daydreaming about having friends. Must be nice, he thought.
Suddenly, the boy cocked his head to one side. Voices? He backflipped off the wall and crouched behind it.


"Are you sure this is the right way?"
"Yes! Well, no. Not really."
Lyssa rolled her eyes. "You get us lost and I'll rip you a new breathing hole."
Tyler winced. "Eesh, Lyss. We're not lost. See that church? We go past it, to the end of the road, and we turn left. From there it's just a matter of walking to the house."
Lyssa looked sidelong at her boyfriend. "Okay."


The little boy peeked around the corner of the wall. The people had gone. I wonder where they're going?
He decided to follow them...



What are funkies?

Gina I. | Sat, 08/31/2013

insert something inspiring

Go back through and see if

Go back through and see if you can find out. I put that in a side piece.

Aalen Fideli | Sat, 08/31/2013

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