The Home, Generation One (chapter six)

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 3/25/2013

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Adren and Kamor were clearing away the dishes from lunch when Adren noticed Nick was missing. This wouldn't have been interesting except for the fact that Nick always seemed to be right behind her. She decided to go look for him.
Nick wasn't an easy person to find, partly due to his inexplicable ability to vanish and reappear somewhere else. And partly because Adren still hadn't memorized the layout of the home. As she walked through the different rooms at random, she started to feel lightheaded. As she walked between the stacks in the library, it grew worse. She sat down, holding her head and hoping not to pass out. After a minute had passed, Adren stood unsteadily and leaned against the bookcase. Then she saw a piece of paper stuck between two books.
She pulled it out and examined it. It was folded up and had the words seo a oscailt written on the back. Adren unfolded it and read: I can't sleep. I'm too excited. The Home is becoming a reality. My dream is coming true and the Separatists are getting a place to stay. No, they get a place to live. I started this project to help G-Seps and to honor my brother. He wanted us to have a full life, not to always be running from the uninformed, ignorant populace. Two G-Seps showed up today. I'm not sure how they got here, but they are certainly welcome. Now I have to figure out how to introduce myself.

Enka and Luska walked along a winding dirt path. They had been walking for four hours and they were quite tired.
Luska sat down at the side of the path, smoothing the front of her dress. “Where is Icard? We haven't seen him for an hour,” she asked, her light accent rolling through the humid air.
“He went looking for shelter,” Enka replied. “He will be back soon.” I hope, she added silently.

Icard came running up the path. “Guys, guess who I have just seen,” his brogue thick with excitement.
“Who?” Luska and Enka begged. “Tell us!”
Enka gave Icard a funny look. “Jas Nicolt? The crazy, disappearing boy?”
Icard nodded. “He is not crazy. Though, he did have some wack theories... But no, he has found a place.”
“A place.” Enka echoed incredulously. “What in the manke is that supposed to mean?”
Icard laughed. “It means we're staying indoors tonight! With beds!”
“I could use a bed right now,” Luska muttered.
“Well, come on then. We could get there by late light,” Icard coaxed.
Luska jumped to her feet. "Where is this place?" she asked.
Icard hugged his sister tightly. "It is just on the other side of these woods. Do you know, he calls it the Home. Home..."
"Heimili okkar..." whispered Enka.
"Yes," Icard nodded. "Our home."

Adren stared at the page for minutes on end. Finally, she turned and walked down the hall to her room. She closed the door, walked over to the bed and sat down. What does it mean? she wondered. "It's a good idea, at least."
She lay down. "We're the first three? There have to be more..."
A voice surprised her by replying, "Oh, there are. In fact, I just invited three more of them fifteen minutes ago. They should be here soon, actually..."
"Nick!" Adren sat bolt upright. "Where in devilfire have you been?"
"Oh, you know. Here and there. Just popped out to see the Carras." Nick leaned against the doorframe.
"Carras. They're a family I know from, oh, years ago. The oldest, his name is Icard, he's a density-shifter. Then there's Enka, she does molecular phasing. And little Luska is... Well, I'm not sure, honestly. I'm sure it's fantastic, though."
Adren shook her head. "Never mind. I just wanted to know where you were."
Nick grinned widely. "Did you miss me?"
He dodged the flying pillow by jumping into the closet.
"Get out of there!" Adren leapt off the bed and ran over to the closet.
As she flung the doors open, the doorbell rang.
"Hey, Adren! The Carras are here!" Nick yelled from downstairs.

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Interesting and interesting-er

It's a fascinating story, really, but when do blue-eyed Gen-Seps come in?

Gina I. | Mon, 07/01/2013

insert something inspiring

You're not in this story...

And before you retort "I wasn't asking about me!!!", let me just say that, first, eye color isn't always present in a separatist. Second, I don't plan that much of my characters this far ahead. Hack, I don't even plan my characters...

In short: I dunno. Maybe later.

Aalen Fideli | Sun, 07/28/2013

Music I created

It's possible I'll create a

It's possible I'll create a blue-eye later. Stay on the look-out, I guess.

Aalen Fideli | Sun, 07/28/2013

Music I created


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