The Home, Generation one (chapter three)

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 7/24/2012

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Adren literally flew downstairs. Kamor was cleaning the kitchen, and without looking up he said: "I don't know who put that note there, but the name is excellent."
Adren was shocked, "What! Someone knew we were here and put that note in the book! We have to find them! What name?"
"Teach ar Leith. It means 'separate house.' it could also be said 'Teach Neamhspleachais' for separatist house."
Adren shook her head, "You... oh, whatever."
Kamor went back to cleaning, only pausing to ask Adren to hand him the cleaning solution from on top of the cabinets.


Milla D. was running for her life. Twice in the past five minutes she had been shot at. She ducked into an alley and became the color of the walls and floor.
Special Sargent Hadwell was one of the first Anti-Separatist agents, but since he was simply a police officer with the express job of catching separatists, he had no idea where the kid had gone. She had just dropped into the alley and disappeared.
Milla held her breath as the agent walked by. He seemed tense, searching everywhere with his eyes.
As the agent rounded the corner at the other end of the alley, Milla ran the opposite direction as fast as she could. There was a building not far up the road so she ran toward that.


Adren was sitting on the dusty couch thinking about the note when there was a knock at the door. It startled her so much that she screamed and fell off the couch. She stood up, brushed herself off and went to answer the door.
Kamor was already helping the girl inside. The girl looked to be about twelve. She pulled her shortish brown hair behind her ear as she thanked Kamor. "I'm Milla."
Kamor and the girls went into the kitchen. Adren and Milla sat at the table and talked while Kamor looked for food. In the refrigerator he found the makings of a couple sandwiches.
"I'll get some drinks," said Nick.

The house was perfectly silent as the girls and Kamor stared at the boy who had seemingly just appeared.
Nick frowned, "Hold on..."


Special Sargent Hadwell was walking back to his vehicle when a boy ran up. "Help me, there's a separatist robbing my house!"
"Where?" asked Hadwell. He was going to get a separatist after all. "Down that way, on Thirtieth Avenue."
Hadwell smiled mirthlessly. "I'll get 'em."
He turned on his car and drove away.


"I'm back," said Nick. "I just had to get rid of that agent."
Kamor turned to Adren, "This is the person who put the note in that book."
"Hi. Me name's Nick"

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