The Home, Generation one (chapter two)

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 7/9/2012

o.o.c. this may or may not turn out to be anything remotely considered interesting, let alone intelligent, as it happens to be 1:00 in the morning as i type this. p.s: since last time I've added a class of separatists. functionally enabled or funkies. props L. K. R.

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Kamor parked his car outside a nice-looking, upper-class house.
Adren looked around. "Is anyone here?"
Kamor unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped out of the car. "Yes."
Adren got out of the car and peered at the house. "Who?"
"Us," Kamor walked toward the door.
"What! I thought you said we were going to a house for separatists?"
"This is the house. We help the others."

Inside the house they found a nicely furnished room that was due for a dusting. And by due, I mean it had already been dusted. With dust.
Adren found herself wanting to explore the house. What did it matter that she had no idea who owned it or how they would fix it.
Kamor said, "Go ahead, I'll be cleaning."
Adren shrugged; she was mostly used to the mind reading by now.

After walking through the living room, dining room, study, kitchen and bathroom (yes, she could walk 'through' the bathroom.), Adren decided to go upstairs.
Upstairs was harder to explore because there was not one, but two floors above the first.
On the second floor Adren found two master bedrooms, two smaller bedrooms, a bathroom even bigger than the one downstairs, a large empty room and the biggest closet known to man.
The third floor had four more bedrooms, two bathrooms that regrettably were smaller, and a library complete with books.

Adren was very excited. So excited in fact that she accidentally blew all the books to the floor.
As she was cleaning up the mess she found a note tucked in the cover of a book.
It read: Hello, Arden. Welcome to Teach ar Leith.

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o.o.c. officially from this point on Irish is the language of G-Seps.