The Home (Simulog)

Aalen Fideli // 3/30/2012

Genomic Separatists.

There are four types of separatist. you already know two of them.

Quick review: Benders can control ambient energy in anything allowing levitation, flying and other force related powers. Shaders operate mentally on a different level from normal humans allowing mind control, advanced relative perception and reaction, as well as other mental powers.

The third separatist is what is known as Spatial Differential Representatives. Or Spaceys.

Spaceys are a small group with arguably the strangest powers, such as different kinds of dimensional gating, force fielding, invisibility, energy launching et al.

Dimensional gating.

Basically it's teleporting without the "tele". Complicatedly it's physically dissolving into a parallel dimension and moving to a corresponding location for a gate back to the intended destination.

Spaceys can be identified safely by the eye color (get ready to take notes)

Purple is gating

Red is molecular disruption

Gold is force fielding

White is invisibility

Also, if you actually see someone doing any of the above they're probably a Spacey.

It should be noted than an unfortunately common side-effect of invisibility is blindness.

The fourth type of separatist is the Functionally Enabled Separatist.

Functions or Funkies have more physical abilities than the other types of separatists.

Chameleonism, heightened strength, density control, imperviosity, heightened agililty and many other abilities define the Funky.


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