Of Me and Others

An Essay By Aalen Fideli // 1/28/2012

I am Aalen.

I am 16 years of age, and i live in a small city neighborhood.

I like thinking of stories and I like telling stories. I do not like writing them down. (too many speling erors)

When i think of a story the first thing i do is tell it to myself. then i tell it to my best friend.

I have created countless storylines, elements, mechanics, worlds, settings, multiverses and the like. but the one who helps me get them straight is my friend Leinad K. Romethe.

Just today we were talking about his story. it is set in my universe. his main characters are borrowed or derived from characters in my story Aahrenwold.

But he has taken them and made them a lot bigger and better than i did.

I have in my posession a treasure trove of ideas, but i struggle to make them useful. if you ever need something to use, call me.

My point is this, though: Talk to your friends, tell them your ideas. they can help you.


Leinad and i play a live action role playing game: we both create a character and use their personalities to make decisions. we usually start out with a mission, for example: find a certain person. along the way we "discover" things and modify the story from there. we tend to gravitate towards the semi-theological, but sometimes simply "fight the bad guys".

our current story is set in a TechPunk world, in which the church has become an empire and the university is trying to dethrone the emperor.

currently my character is a transfer agent for the University. i am a spy and i carry lots of information. also i have set up a research lab, in which my boys and i experiment on technology and magics that are unresearched and unstable.

Romethe's is a field agent for another branch of the University. he is a thief, a spy, an excellent fighter and he carries a secret artifact.

we both are now on a mission to find and confiscate a certain pair of items from the Empire's second in command. the items are an Orb similar to a Naug Egg and details for battle plans.

we Imagine everything as it happens. do not expect me to copy it down, but i may create a similer story for you readers.

if you have a friend you can try this with, i encourage you to by all means. it is an excellent brain exercize. this has not been rehearsed.

but find a friend you can share a story with, it makes it so much better.


 Cool. By the way, given that

 Cool. By the way, given that I invented it around Christmastime, I called the egg a Nog-Egg, but Naug does sound cooler...

--Leinad K. Romethe, who wishes he had more time to actually write stories down

Anonymous | Mon, 01/30/2012

I have...

I have a friend, Kassady, who goes over stories and characters and plotlines with me all the time! (she's a member of Apricot Pie.) It's insanely helpful, so you're right there. :D We have written stories together...similar stories...and we talk about the characters like they're real. Haha.

A good essay, with lots of good advice and truth. Good job.

Madeline | Mon, 01/30/2012


Leinad helps me get mine straight too... he's epic like that, isn't he?

Gina I. | Fri, 09/13/2013

insert something inspiring


He is, unironically, a gentleman and a scholar.

Aalen Fideli | Fri, 09/13/2013

Music I created

Oh, yes..

I know. He even looks it. I just think it's a shame that I don't get to goof off with him more.

Gina I. | Sat, 09/14/2013

insert something inspiring


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