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An Essay By Aalen Fideli // 9/29/2012

I am a musician, and some of my friends are into music as well. Recently I have been asked a couple times what a good band name would be.
I decided to write this essayish thing so I don't have to write it over again.

Also, I'm sure you people can transliterate this to other things too...

First, decide on a genre. Surprisingly enough, the genre you hope to join has a sort of characteristic feel to the music and therefore, the band names.

Electro House is more suited to DJ-type names like Deadmau5 or GRiZ. Electronic themed names are common here, like Electrode or Going Quantum
You would be perfectly fine using your name if it was uncommon enough. (Diego Molinams, Alvin Risk...)

Dubstep is the new everything, but generally it should sound heavy, robotic and destructive. Names that follow suit would be something like Skrillex or Knife Party or Rogue.
Bass drops are super important in dubstep, so either bass or drop in the name would be indicative of the content. (Droptek, Bassnectar)

Chilled anything needs a name that isn't like Demonhunter or anything similarly unsettling.

Names should be creative, but be easy to remember and awesome-sounding when yelling. (MitiS, Feed Me, Nero, Tristam...)

Finally, google whatever you come up with. If anything similar pops up as an existing artist's name, skip it and try again.

These are a few names I came up with:
Wax Poet
Auditory Sky/Audio Sky
Arthur & Medic
3Byk (russian for "the sound")

ooc: they still haven't decided, so comment with any ideas. They're looking for spacey, ethereal, profoundish names.


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