Rinsenar Pete; The Light Trilogy (chapter 2)

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 5/19/2012

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Pete was an inventor.
He could fix any appliance or machine that you could possibly imagine.
But he was bored.
The age of inventions seemed to have ended when Pete's father died.
The one thing Pete wanted to do was have some sort of adventure, which led to his doing lots of extreme sports.
Like sailboarding.

Pete reattached the landing gear and replaced the mainsail. Pete stuffed the damaged sail into his pocket.
Soon it was Pete's turn to jump.
As his feet left the roof he thought: The wind's wrong.
The wind was wrong.
Pete was flung to the side as the wind drove him far off course.
By leaning as far forward as he could, Pete avoided being scraped across
the front of the building and instead rolled down the wall, landing in a bush.
When he hit the ground, Pete opened his eyes and saw J-Boy running towards him.
Then the world started to swirl.
Pete thought at first he had hit his head and was hallucinating.
This thought was supported by an entirely new world taking shape before his eyes.

He saw a vast ocean as flat as a table and stretching much farther than he could see.
Above the ocean were many islands, floating unnaturally in midair.
The islands were at various hights; some lost in the clouds and some almost touching the water.
Some of the islands had trees; on one island was a tree that grew up through the island above it.
There were no land masses in the water anywhere, everything was floating.

Reality check.

Pete began checking his vital signs, pinching himself and otherwise making sure he was awake.
He was.
"Wow!" said J-Boy.
Pete nodded; too stunned to speak.
"This is awesome!" J-Boy yelled.
"No it's not!" Pete was not happy.
This was not the adventure he wanted.

Pete remembered the Device.
He reached in his pocket and pulled out a broken, twisted piece of metal
with fragments of the lens still clinging to the side.
"Oh no! That's how we got here!"
Pete was overwhelmed by the feeling of being completely and totally lost.

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