Rinsenar Pete; The Light Trilogy (chapter 4)

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 10/13/2012

o.o.c: This chapter is extremely short, and I apologize.

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Pete and J-Boy pulled the boat further onto the island.
When they had tied the boat safely to the tree, the boys walked around the island to get a bearing on where exactly they had landed.
The island seemed the same as any of the other islands.
It was about a hundred feet across in one direction and one hundred fifty in the other.
There was a small hill spotted with boulders near one side of the island, and the tree that the boat was now tied to was on the other side.
The nearest island was about two hundred feet away.
The boys decided to try fly the boat over to the next island.

Pete filled the balloons with the oxede again and the boat lifted off the island.
J-Boy untied the rope from the tree and climbed up into the boat.
Pete discovered a few strange metal rings in different places on the boat.
He was puzzled because he couldn't find any reason for the rings.
He didn't have very long to be puzzled though, because they were rapidly approaching another very large and foreboding island.
J-Boy grabbed the rope and jumped off the boat yelling: Land it!
Pete filled the balloons and waited until the boat was above the edge of the island.
As soon as Pete saw J-Boy hit the island he drained the balloons.
J-boy dug in his heels and slid across the island in the general direction of the other edge. He saw a wooden structure approaching and aimed for it as much as could while being dragged along by a balloon-powered boat.
Pete felt a sickening crunch as the boat smashed onto the surface of the flying island. As the boat slid drunkenly along, Pete caught a glimpse of the wooden ruin J-Boy was trying to tie the boat to. It was a bridge.

Pete and J-Boy stood in front of the bridge. Pete looked around, fully expecting the bridge to dissolve and fall, or an island to come crashing into the bridge.
"It's fine, Pete


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