Singularity Dragons

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 3/30/2012

o.o.c, I came up with this while I was asleep. skillz.


I, Aalen Fideli, take up my pen to relate a tale of absolute truth. it was told me by the third of a set of twins. and I told him before that.


Once upon a time (or Once apon a time) there was a small Outerim planet.

This planet was mostly normal. (mostly)

But the planet Eberdaun had one massive difference. It was terrorized by a massive dragon. The dragon was called Mkubwa.

Mkubwa was approximately the size of Olympus Mons. The one on Mars. He could fly, but it was pointless since he could step to anywhere he wanted. Mkubwa devoured entire villages for breakfast. And luncheon. And supper. Mkubwa ruled the entire planet (which is pretty skill if you think about it).

In a grand act of authoring, Aalen (oh look. it's me.) compressed the dragon into a hamster-sized piece of epicosity.

Allow me to prove my ADD. (which I don't have.)

Have you ever heard about how black holes form? I shall explain.

When a star runs out of fuel (no gas stations for stars) it collapses. And compresses into something very close to a single point. This is called a singularity.

The singularity has enough mass in one place that its gravity becomes immense. really, really big. This is a black hole.

The same thing works with dragons too. Except dragons don't run out of fuel.

Someone has to perform the act of compressing the dragon. And I (Aalen) compressed the biggest dragon known to man. (or the Eberdanian equivalent of man at least).

Once compressed, the dragon will have incredible powers. Strength, Flight, Magic and even Intelligence are increased to the extreme.

There are only three singularity dragons known in existence. Or I should say "were".

You see, When two singularity dragons get in the same place (or as close as you can get) they explode.

So, I now have the only living singularity dragon. He now carries the Book of Aahrenwold. Which is too heavy for me to lift (so it's a good thing i don't have to).

A word of advice to anyone brave enough to read this far: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! or anywhere else!

The risks include, but are not limited to: Explosion, Decimation, Decapitation, Defenestration (if you're on the second floor), Melting the dragon, Melting yourself, Widespread destruction and Possible Endworld Chaos.

And so, In closing, I will say that, although singularity dragons are awesome, this should probably never be attempted again. (I used a failsafe. more about that later)

I, Aalen Fideli, hope i have educated and sufficiently warned you, Reader.

Finis. et al


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