A Situation (a steampunk idea) chapter 1

Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 4/22/2012

May 17, 1793.
Log Entry 1

I am Danny.
My full name is Daniel Shane Mcconnell.
I'm an inventor, and that gets me in trouble a lot. Mostly with other inventors though...
You see, I happen to be a member of every guild there is, even when that's not allowed.
I'm a member of the Inventors Guild and the Engineers Guild.
I am a member of the University Guild and Officials Guild as the Baron Van Owen.
And I'm a Skypirate.
So my life was until two days ago.
My butler, an automaton I call Ozymandias, brought me a telegram from the Guild Consul.
As I read it I was shocked to see that I had been audited my position in the Inventors Guild.
I had Ozymandias prepare my Baron's attire and then I left for the Consul's office.
When I arrived I could see a crowd inside.
I hailed a man on the street to see what the commotion was about.
He told me that the crowd had been there all morning protesting for the removal of "That Danny McWhatsit" from every guild.

I have been hiding from the public since then.
The reason for my public downfall is, as yet, still unbeknownst to me.
Maybe it's the five foot tall colossus automaton that serves as my butler.
Like I said, I don't know... But i shall find out.


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