Fiction By Aalen Fideli // 4/4/2012

Two boys stand at the edge of a cliff.

Both are holding Skyboards.

Mike jumps off the edge, angling his V-Foil at a point on the horizon. Feelo follows on an AerTwin.

"Wanna try to make Nightreach by dark?" Mike calls, his voice nearly drowned in the wind.

"And do some walls at Shadowrift in Afterlight? Yeah!"

Both boys skim the edge of a thermal and dive toward the wall of the canyon.

Feelo ducks and glides under Mike's board.

"No fair!" Mike yells, retaliating by leaning nearly horizontal and spinning down towards the opposite cliff face.

The race continues until Feelo yells: "Look out! Boarder!"

The two boys pull to the canyon face to avoid the rider.

Barely turning away from the boys, the boarder flies past at a breakneck speed.

"He's gonna wind up on the wall," Feelo comments.

"Yeah," agrees Mike.


The two boys drop into a lower part of the canyon and pass a large spraypainted section of cliff. It read: Nightreach. Please take your corpse home with you.

The first sun drops below the horizon just as the boys skid onto a platteau with a small shack on it.

Mike and Feelo walk into the shack and Mike puts a fivepass on the counter, "Two for Shadowrift, please."

The bartender give the two teenagers a quizzical look; Normally the patrons of Shadowrift were... Older looking.

"You sure?"

Mike grins. "Yup!"

The bartender shrugs. "Clean up after yourselves."

Feelo smirks. "as soon as you clean up in here."

Barkeep growls. "Just go ride."

Mike and Feelo look at each other.

"First blood?" Feelo asks.

Mike laughs. "You're on."


Very well written! I'd love

Very well written! I'd love to see more of this :)

Laura Elizabeth | Fri, 04/20/2012

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --

thank you

I wasn't intending to do anything more with this until I put the reckless rider in there, and now I feel like I have to make that go somewhere.
so, expect more. later...

Aalen Fideli | Sun, 04/22/2012

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