Tales of Halfayan, Mouse's Fish

A Poem By Aalen Fideli // 7/10/2011

Mouse walked through the woods.

The top of the woods.

It was Friday; Fish night.

Mouse always loved fish night.


As Mouse was crossing the rope bridge between the Bitereas tree and the Molvernesh tree, he looked down in the water.

Fish. Big fish.

The grylphis jumped from the bridge and flew at the fish.

He missed.

The fish turned and swam downstream.

Mouse swam after it.

Coming to a pool, Mouse looked for the fish.

He saw a tail in the weeds.


"Hey!" yelled the Mermaiden.

Mouse looked sheepish. "where's the big fish?"

"I'm the big fish." She said. "I'm Analien. Who are you?"

Mouse said "I'm Mouse the grylphis, Ma'am"

"don't call me Ma'am. What's a grylphis?" She asked.

"It's like a gryphon, but smaller."

"Oh," said Analien "right."

"Well, i must go" said Mouse "goodbye, it was nice to meet you."

"You too Mouse. farewell."


as Mouse reached his home, his wife stuck her head out the door and called "Mouse! where are you?"

"Here love. you won't believe what i've just done. i've seen a mermaiden!"

"You did not honey, they don't exist. come inside, it's fish night."


Mouse fell asleep that night thinking "i wonder if there are more mer-people?"

And i believe there are.


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