There it is

A Poem By Aalen Fideli // 9/19/2011

i tell of a time when all singing and dancing ceased.

the turmoil was brought by the threat of a monstrous beast.

no longer did children play, a silence engulfed the town.

they needed a hero who could bring the great monster down.

the hero rode up on a horse that was black as day.

he fully intended to drive the terrible beast away.

he drew out a sword and he shouted a challenge out:

"beast, i give warning, i'll meet thee and smash thy snout."

the dragon laconically twisted its tail and hissed:

"this battle is one i would dread to have missed.

"you can bet your tin booties i'll beat you in time for tea.

"you swing a sharp thing but my wings shall deliver me."

the two mighty foes fought hard but uncertainly.

the dragon was slain and the knight rode to victory.


the end