Valen Fideli

Aalen Fideli // 3/6/2012

(o.o.c.) so I wasn't sure how to post this, but it seems that apricotpie has supplied the answer.

In my story Aahrenwold i have somewhere near six main characters. Well, I have decided to add another to the world of Aeturnuvita (thumbs up for epic names of fictional places).

Welcome Valen Fideli. my friend Leinad created him for his expansion pack (?) of the Aeturnuvitan universe.

Valen is the third of the Fideli family. Though he looks older (and blonder) than his brothers, they are all twins (triplets? (doesn't sound as cool)).

Valen carries an instrument that is like a cross between a flute and a violin-harp. His music is magical and he has a notebook with music songs that activate events (Legend of Zelda!).

And i can't really think of anything else to... oh, right. In the Aeturnuvita the Fidelis represent the Trinity of God.

Kalen is the creator, Aalen is the animator and Valen is the helper/empowerer/messenger/enigmatic quest-giver.

Whatever, Peace in.


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