A Poem By Abigail Naomi M... // 4/9/2013

One step,
One breath,
But none of them are mine.
One word,
One smile,
However cold inside.
Hoping you're not noticed
and yet dreading if you're not,
One tear,
one throb,
Know this,
Pain too shall pass.


This reminds me -

of this verse.

Even in laughter the heart may ache, and rejoicing may end in grief. Proverbs 14:13

I like how this starts with description of pain but then you still end it optimistically.

Lucy Anne | Wed, 04/17/2013

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is very descriptive of

This is very descriptive of my life till 2011. I feel like you need a hug!

Sarah | Wed, 04/17/2013

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

I feel like this embodies a

I feel like this embodies a lot of what I'm feeling right now. Great job!

Erin | Sun, 04/21/2013

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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