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(posted by Ben, Feb 2010)

ApricotPie is a place for homeschooling students and homeschool graduates to share their thoughts, poetry, and fiction in a creative and thoughtful way with other homeschoolers.

ApricotPie has existed for over 14 years.

Its inspiration comes from: the beauty and mystery of the created world; adventure and the warrior; contemplation; the good as infinitely more powerful than evil; respect for innocence; quality over quantity; friendship born from common activity.

Why are there limits to the number of posts and comments per week?
What are the types of writers on apricotpie?
What are the standards for posting on ApricotPie?



I don't think I've ever seen

I don't think I've ever seen the last paragraph on this page before...was this just edited - can anyone please explain the last paragraph? I think it will help us all better write for apricotpie.

And can anyone tell me why apricotpie is called apricotpie? I never really got it all these years.

Lucy Anne | Thu, 08/15/2013

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Homeschool Authors

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Anonymous | Thu, 05/03/2012


 I just wanted to tell you congrates on Apricot Pie still being here! My name is Kayla and I must say that AP got me through alot as a teenager. It's been years since I have been on here and it has changed so much, but I will never forget the dozens of conversations I had with people. All of the inspiration and creativity that this site represents is amazing in a world of mindless tweets and bloggers failed attempts. So thank you Ben, and thank you to all the people that contribute to AP, you are inspiring! 


- Kayla



Anonymous | Tue, 11/29/2011


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