Among Green Leaves

A Poem By airlia // 5/15/2009

Among green leaves I lay awake,
Dreaming of what could be.
Dreaming of life, and youth,
And of the world,
All that could happen to me.
My mind whirls,
With what might some day be,
It goes off on a treachorous flight.
Taking me through the summer's evening,
And into the morning light.
I'm flying through the clouds,
Seeing all I want to see.
I land for a small rest,
To have a small glass of water,
And perhaps a bite to eat,
Then back up into the clouds I fly,
Dreaming once again.
Flying through the summer sky,
Flying once again.
Living dangoursouly on the edge,
Showing all I'm not afraid,
I'll do whatever is said,
And prove to them I'm not afraid.
Then I'm brought back down,
With the call "go to bed".
I grab my cruch,
And hobble in,
Reminded I am lame.
But tomorrow night I'll lay again,
Among the leaves so green.
I'll dream once more,
And never come back again.


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