creative writing, episode two

A Poem By Aisling // 10/14/2009

(I had to re-post this as poetry, instead of fiction)


Here is a little more randomness--fruit of my writing assignments for class. For this one, I had to take line from a poem I'd already written and write a new poem with it, and then take a line from the new one and do it again...

“Ode (O You who have loved me)”
O You who have loved me into life
will You catch my fall?
do You promise You will be there
if I give up the ground
and dare to drop
from the heights my heart has climbed to?
such a long way down
from self-possession
Hope, hold tight my heart
in the dark between the leaping
and the everlasting arms
the half-second fall
holy in-between
when the world holds it breath with mine
hanging by a hope
something larger than my life
o You who have walked this way before
will You be patient with my pain?
weakness unwanted
nature’s strength betrayed
will You catch my tears?
sweat like blood
seeds into good soil
for the life of the world
for the life of my heart
a garden enclosed
and You come with the long-lost key
unlock the springtime
and You love me into life
“Holy in-between”
holy in-between
now who I was and who I want to be
meet here
meet, make me who I am
threaten to break my heart
but You wake me
You say “be still”
remind me here
is where I find You
free my mind from its captivity
between body and soul
retrieve, rein-in my heart
from flying fast ahead
into tomorrow
with its dream of holiness
and love come easy
leave me held and helpless
here with You
and still
and bring me to the holy in-between
where who I was and who I will be
fall away
before the face of who You’re making me
and teach me patience
with myself
with this small place
where fault and grace collide
show me my weakness and my pride
stop my relentless striving
hold me
heal me
and take me where I cannot go
the still inside the storm
this moment’s dream
the holy in-between
“Take me where I cannot go”
take me where I cannot go
I’m wearied from the work
of striving to be strong
and plodding on
through valleys filled with shadow
seeking pastures
holding out their promises of green
to weary feet
come shepherd me
into some still small place
where I am unafraid
to rest
come be my light
and fight the shadows
lies that tell me I am far away
and steal my memory of daylight
I need You to be Simon
when my cross is heavy
and I am lost and cannot love alone
take my loaves and fishes
bless and break them
make them big enough
to fill the restless hole inside hearts hungry  
for Someone big enough to make it all worthwhile
come and find me where I am
‘cause I am weary
and I can’t find my way to you
and wandering’s wearing holes in my shoes
each step I take is my undoing
and as the ground beneath me wavers
I stare into Your face
reaching for the day
when I can finally see you
do You ache for it like I do?
can You see the love, the longing
that keep me walking?
heart wandering in exile
cries out to Yours
like deep to deep
take me where I cannot go



.....This was stunning!!!!! Your poetry is just full of life!!!!! It gave me happiness as I read it!!!!!!!

Elizabeth | Wed, 10/14/2009


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine


Amazing!!!  It was all so beautiful!!!!

Clare Marie | Sun, 10/18/2009

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." -Bilbo Baggins [The Lord of the Rings]