In Defense of My Home-Education

An Essay By Aisling // 11/11/2004

I think we probably all get these people, whether we know them or meet them somewhere, who just don’t understand the mind-set of homeschooling.
They ask, “Don’t you ever want to go to school?”
And you say, “No.”
And they say, “Well, how can you know—you’ve never gone.” (In my case, anyway, I haven’t.)
Usually, then, I make some inadequate weak excuse, and they sort of win out with their “you can’t know.”
But now, since I’ve always been able to write better than I can speak on the spur-of-the-moment, I say:
I know I don’t want to smoke, even though I’ve never picked up a cigarette.
I know I don’t want to wear a mini-skirt even though I’ve never tried one on.
I know I don’t want to listen to hard rock music, without having ever attempted it.
I know I don’t want to be a Moslem, even though I’ve never had the experience.
Somethings are just not right for me, here and now; I’m not called to them, or I disagree with them, or I’m better without them.
I’m called to home-schooling—I belong here, I’ve been placed here, I’m right here.
And oh! but I’m thankful!


I am a poor example of a

I am a poor example of a Christian, if I am even considered that, but I will always be proud of my homeschool education.

julesyim | Fri, 07/31/2009

Exactly! You don't need  to

Exactly! You don't need  to jump off the Grand Canyon to know it's a bad idea!

Julie | Fri, 07/31/2009

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