An Essay By Aisling // 6/29/2005

No one can be a poet just because they want to be. To write poetry, just like all the other arts, you have to be meant to--that is, God has to want you to. No one can write poetry--real poetry, mind, that's true and good and at least halfway deserving of the word "beautiful"--without God putting it in them; without Him speaking into their souls every single word. I know by experience that it is the same way with writing books. Every character, every conversation, every circumstance is inspired by God's voice. Sometimes I'm more particularly aware of it than at others, but I firmly believe that anything I've ever written that was good, and worthy of the book, came completely from God. And so it has always been. He puts it in me, I just write it down. If someday I am a great author, it will not be of my own doing. One cannot make oneself a great author, a great poet, a great artist, a great musician. Only God can make man great--we have but to write and draw and play the greatness that He puts into our hearts. And that is the challenge that takes up the duration of a lifetime.


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