o solitude of emptiness

A Poem By Aisling // 6/12/2007

O solitude of emptiness
of grief
a hole through your heart
that love makes
when it is betrayed by the loss of Eden
the sudden absence of what should be
as familiar as life
and the glare against your eyes
against your heart
of what should not
and what is making you
breaking you

o solitude of emptiness
of loss
an ache made from the wound
that catches you off-guard
knocking breath from your immortal heart
for a second
and one second too long
and who you were is
who you are
without something
and with something more
half appalling
and half too huge
too foreign to understand

o solitude of emptiness
of ending
unwelcome as a wound
and as much a part of you
a fiber of your life
and left behind
we give and take and hold
and we let go
not because we want to
but because we are
like we would breathe
and move our hands
left without another road

o solitude of emptiness
of betrayal
going against our soul’s grain
more wrong than anything in life
the loss of it
but more than anything else
more than the blow
the hole
more than the pain
the bleeding
and beyond
beyond the loss
the solitude
the emptiness
more than anything
beyond everything else
there is sunrise
because the tomb was empty


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