Ode (O You who have loved me)

A Poem By Aisling // 12/20/2007

O You who have loved me into life
will You catch my fall?
do You promise You will be there
if I give up the ground
and dare to drop
from the heights my heart has climbed to?
such a long way down
from self-possession
Hope, hold tight my heart
in the dark between the leaping
and the everlasting arms
the half-second fall
holy in-between
when the world holds its breath with mine
hanging by a hope
something larger than my life
O You who have walked this way before
will You be patient with my pain?
weakness unwanted
nature's strength betrayed
will You catch my tears
sweat like blood
seeds into good soil
for the life of the world
for the life of my heart
a garden enclosed
and You come with the long-lost key
unlock the springtime



oh, wow, I love this poem, Aisling!

Sarah | Wed, 12/26/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

beautiful Aisling

beautiful Aisling

Jenny | Wed, 01/02/2008