A Poem By Aisling // 5/12/2003

Huge, sharp, jagged, obstinate.
Ever standing,
never giving in.
Hit, beat, routed, overwhelmed.
Ever shunning,
never letting go.

Large, rough, rugged, resolute.
Ever staying,
never giving way.
Knocked, struck, battered, buffeted.
Ever holding,
never giving up.

Big, coarse, craggy, relentless.
Ever turning,
never seeing clear.
Cracked, broke, pounded, demolished.
Ever fearing,
never trusting truth.

Small, crude, common, petrified.
Ever searching,
never finding light.
Crushed, ground, crumbled, pulverized.
Ever hoping,
never loving hope.

Tiny, smooth, perfect, astonished.
Ever smiling,
never lamenting.
Shined, scoured, refined, purified.
Ever content,
never wanting more.

Just one minute grain of sand
upon the shore.
Just the difference that is made
by that one more.


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