St. Patrick

A Poem By Aisling // 3/5/2003

Every morning the dawn finds you,
on the hill with crook in hand;
watching over your master's herds,
in this pagan, foreign land.

Trusting God to show you His light,
guarding the sheep every day.
Still on the hill you are come darkness,
and through the night there you stay.

Grasping always unto your faith,
trusting God to show the way;
one day His light shines through your darkness.
An angel standing bright as day.

“The fullness of time is now come,
go back to your fatherland;
on the shore a boat awaits you,
do not fear the Father’s plan.”

On a morning ages after
the dawn finds you on the hill;
holding shepherd crook in your hand,
come to do the Father’s will.

Back to shepherd Ireland’s people,
sheep of Him who sent you there.
You will change the land forever,
God be praised for Patrick, dear!