A Poem By Aisling // 3/16/2008

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
-J. R. R. Tolkien

storm-battered, unconsoled
if you can hear me
don’t lose hope
don’t grow weary of your life
of unanswered questions
filling volumes
in the library of your mind
here’s to you
and to your wanderings
to your questions without answers
and to every night you’ve lain awake
and wondered
here’s to your heart
lovely and lonely for love
depth on deepness
leaving you unfilled
sealing you
against settling for second-best
dream hard
dream daring
nothing less than everything
you were made for
putting your best dreams to shame
a change in your name
turning aimless
into zealous
and blessed
he who asks because he knows
he does not know
blessed the wonder, wandering
holy the lost and lonely
storm-battered, unconsoled
there is more than
you can see
if you can hear me
don’t give it all up for lost



This is really creative and lovely, Aisling. :)

Brianna | Sun, 03/16/2008

"We have been created for greater things. Why stoop down to things that will spoil the beauty of our hearts?" ~Mother Theresa

wow! it's really original

it's really original and cool!

Sarah | Mon, 03/17/2008

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

Nice Aisling!


Wonderful job Aisling! I love it!

Elizabeth | Mon, 03/17/2008


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine


Wow... I have to say that so much of the time that there is exactly what I feel like.

I love it.

Anonymous | Tue, 03/18/2008


:0) Great job!*************************************************
Whatever you are, be a good one-Abe Lincoln

Heather | Tue, 03/18/2008

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"