A Poem By AmandaLC // 2/19/2008

Sure, I can be big
I can be strong
I can even be smart

I risk my life in strange countries
I die in fires
I save lives
I also put criminals behind bars

But I am also unknown
I make a little girl with no hair smile
I wipe the tear of a small boy
I make a baby giggle
I change a family’s life

I help a grown man learn his name again
I aid a woman in standing once more
I take care of an elderly couple with no more family
I ask for no payment as I help a soldier use his new arm
I am a shoulder to lean on for a firefighter
I go unnoticed, cleaning hospital beds
I fix policemen’s car

The fact is
I have a big heart
I have a strong will
And while I may not be smart, I know what needs to be done


Very Good!

Very good! I enjoyed it alot!
Maddie J-3

Maddie J-3 | Thu, 02/21/2008



AmandaLC | Sun, 02/24/2008

Jesus' baby sister