I Am America

A Poem By AmandaLC // 7/3/2008

I am America…
I wonder how strong I am
I hear my song
I see freedom in the eyes of our president
I want people to enjoy me more.
I am America…

I pretend like everything is okay
I feel loyalty
I touch the hearts of many
I worry about my people
I cry for the unfree.
I am America…

I understand my place
I know I am great
I dream of love
I try to make everything perfect
I hope everyone will one day understand us
I am America.



I really like this idea. It's very creative. Good job.

Brianna | Wed, 07/09/2008

"We have been created for greater things. Why stoop down to things that will spoil the beauty of our hearts?" ~Mother Theresa


this seems to be the only way i can be creative! and it's all because of God!

Anonymous | Tue, 07/15/2008