undeserving daughter

A Poem By AmandaLC // 7/30/2009


I don’t deserve this
He already gave His life for mine
He didn’t need to but He wanted to
I refused to listen to Him when He told me clearly
I ignored when He used Godly people in my life
I made exuces about why I was out late again
I argued when people tried to make me see
I was going down the wrong road fast
I didn’t deserve His love and mercy again
I had no idea I needed it
I believed my lies to others and myself
But He is a loving and merciful Father
He stepped in and sent me an angel
I now see what I was about to do
I don’t deserve His love after what I did do
I didn’t know I was worth more than trash
I had no idea that I should be treated with respect
I thought good men were fictional
Until my angel came in and refused to do and say what I was used to
My Father and My Savior stepped in when I was almost gone
They are merciful and have perfect timing, three more days and I would have lost all I had
Already my angel is teaching me to rely on God and not him
My angel says that he’s the lucky one
Maybe we both are
All I know is God is amazing and I’m not going back to that life again
I like to be worth something more than a child’s toy to be tossed when broken
But I don’t deserve forgiveness or love or mercy
What an amazing Lord to give me what I don’t deserve many times over


Your poem reminds me of the

Your poem reminds me of the psalms, Amanda. I can tell you are speaking from experience. It is good to remember that in the beginning when God made you He saw what He made and said that it was good!

Ben | Fri, 08/14/2009


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