The Nonsense Poet, 11-15

A Poem By Anna // 8/3/2009


A wolf on its head

Is a river’s occupation

A hoop on end

Is a silly old bear

But turn me, Anna, around

And all you have is a dizzy girl.


My sister is like a vulture

Hovering over my shoulder

And if I don’t take flight

It looks like she may bite


If ever someone were to ask me

"What could you live without?"

I think that I would tell them,

"Just give me a wings,

A house in the trees,

Books on the shelves,

And I'm set for life."

14. (Stars Over Llorleya outtake)

Your silver wings are dying

Dying as you breathe

Your silver wings are crying

Crying out to me

Your silver sings are falling

Falling to the ground

And who will catch them now?

Who will catch them now?

Your dying wings are lovely

Lovely in defeat

They graciously surrender

Graciously they flee

Your dying wings are saying

Saying please don’t cry

But who will stop my tears?

Who will stop my tears?


I am an eagle

A brave, soaring eagle

I am an eagle-

No, maybe a sparrow.

I am a lion

A huge, roaring lion

I am a lion!

Um, maybe a cat.

I am a banner

A bright, waving banner

I am a banner…

Or maybe a blanket.

I am an oak tree

A proud, noble oak tree

I am an oak tree.

Well, maybe a twig.

I am an ocean

A deep, churning ocean

I am an ocean-

But maybe a puddle?

I am a sunbeam

A light, gentle sunbeam

I am a sunbeam

That wavers as a candle.

If I am an eagle, a lion and banner

An oak tree, an ocean-

All and yet none-

Then am I a sparrow, a cat and a blanket

A twig and a puddle

A candle or sun?


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