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An Essay By Anna // 8/18/2008

I mean to write any story idea that pops into my head. Some will probably be a little lame. But whatever. :)

-I am a little girl who had stayed awake all night in terror- terror that the aliens who abducted my family last night will come back for me.
-I am a beautiful princess. But not the kind in fairytales. And that is the cause of my sorrow that keeps me longing. For princes only pay attention to those lucky princesses that get kidnapped by dragons or cursed with wicked spells or locked away in towers. No, no one gives true love’s kiss to a perfectly safe, perfectly "happy" princess!
-I have just read a letter that will change my life forever.
-I am waiting, and have been waiting, for the gryphon that always carries me from place to place to come pick me up. He’s never failed to come to my call before, and I am completely distressed over what could have happened my friend. So I have called my dragon, and we are going to look for him…
-I’ve been practicing my magic with Gandalf all night, and the sleeping spell we practiced kind of backfired… COMPLETELY backfired… Gandalf DID say I would manage to mess it up somehow…
-I was just in Narnia having a wonderful adventure, when Aslan went and sent me back. And so I’m sitting here sheerly to pout about being back home.

(These ones will probably be more original- and in story form.)

-The dragon was coming. I could hear his roaring; feel the heat of his flame. I could smell him, too- he smelled like laundry detergent, oddly enough. But I didn’t really get frightened until I saw who was riding him, laughing like a maniac.
"Justin!" I screamed to my brother. "What are you doing up there??!!!"
-Forcefully, I scribbled words down, venting my feelings through my pen. Sometimes it even scratched through the paper. My poor diary. It did nothing to deserve my anger. But it wasn’t my diary this fury was aimed at. Considering how angry I was, I should have been writing about something really outraging. And at the time, I thought I was. I hate him! I wrote. I hope I never have to see him or his stupid, stupid dog again! And at the time, I meant it with all my heart.
-I tried to make myself as small as possible. I could hear the Raiders thundering through the house, breaking things, yelling. I could feel the floor beneath me shake. It was my own fault this was happening. If only I had believed the Wanderer when he told me. And now I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life- which might not last much longer.
-"You betrayed me?" she cried. "I trusted you with everything. How could you just…" She looked so horrified, so terrified. She was just staring at me. That’s how much she hated me- she was at a loss for words. It shocked me a little. I hadn’t anticipated I would feel like this when it happened. I could see the tears filling her eyes; but they were silent tears only for herself, and they did not spill over. "After everything we went through…" She stopped herself, furious. "I was such a fool to think you could ever be something other than this."
Those words struck home, and when they did I would have gladly stopped what I had started. But it was too late to stop them now.
-"Captain," said my first mate breathlessly, "that man we rescued from the sinking rowboat-"
I fiddled with my swordhilt. I had never actually seen the man closely, he had been pretty drenched, and I had been too busy. Female pirates- especially pirate captains- usually have a lot on their hands- keeping down mutinies, breaking up old superstitions, and of course running the ship. Even if they were excellent swordswomen, like I was.
"-he says he knows you!"
I whirled around. "Take me to him, Will," I ordered.
The man we had rescued was locked up in the hold- I never trusted strangers. Which is why when I came to the man, I instinctively tightened my grip on my sword.
He was leaning against the bars of the little cell calmly, not looking at all as frightened as he should have. He had longish brown hair- still wet, as it happened- falling mostly over his eyes, which were also brown. He was tall, too, and light on his feet.
Then I saw his face.
"Not you," I groaned.
"It’s good to see you too, Sarah," he said, his voice infuriatingly sarcastic.
"Captain Bennet, to you," I said, trying to remain composed. "No doubt you arranged for your rowboat to sink so I would have to rescue you. So you might as well tell me now, why are you on my ship?" I was using the tone that most of my crew knew to mean ‘danger ahead’."
"The rowboat incident was completely accidental," protested the man. "But I was looking for you, as it happens." His tone suddenly changed. "It really is a relief to see you, Sa- Captain Bennet." He took a deep breath. "I need your help. It’s serious."
I was impressed, despite myself. I could see him struggling with his pride to say it. "Just spit it out, Robbie," I said.
He smiled. "How would you like an adventure?"
Ok, that last bit exhausted me for the time being. Maybe someday I’ll continue this.

Bye, y’all. Hope you enjoyed it!


I always have tons of story

I always have tons of story ideas buzzing around in my overstuffed mind...but I never get the chance to write them down on paper like you, so I forget 95.2 percent of them. ;)
I like your ideas, especially the one with the woman pirate. (I love stories of women pirates/warrior women!) I hope to see some of them, if not all, made into books one of these days!!

Clare Marie | Mon, 08/18/2008

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I like the ones with the

I like the ones with the girl's brother on the dragon and the one with Captain Sarah Bennett. :0) They sound cool!
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Heather | Tue, 08/19/2008

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The one with Captain Sarah Bennet is really great!

-Falling Leaves

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Erin | Wed, 10/01/2008

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If you, the princess, is getting bored, Why don't you go wrestle a R.O.U.S (rodent of unusual size) in Neverland with Cinderella and The White Rabbit.

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The Brit | Mon, 10/27/2008

That's a very good idea. I

That's a very good idea.
I heart Willy Wonka...
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Anna | Mon, 10/27/2008

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Whoa! What am I doing in the middle of your story ideas?! Sorry, I also have a story where I'm part of a pirate crew. I just never get to be captain. :D

Sarah B. | Tue, 03/24/2009


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