Wygate's Used Books, 4

Fiction By Anna // 6/7/2011

“Don’t you dare,” I breathed. “Don’t you dare, don’t you dare, don’t you dare.”
As if by magic, he bolted into a sitting position, hacking away.
First, I couldn’t speak. Second, I launched myself at him for a hug-tackle. Third, I stopped short and screamed in terror. Fourth, I followed through on my second impulse, throwing my arms around him like a sister. Fifth, I smacked him with a breathless, “Wygate, you’re alive what happened how could you scare me like that I’m—going—to—kill—you!”
As you can see, I was a bit at war with myself. By “a bit,” think Helm’s Deep.
Wygate, still gasping, pushed me off and staggered to his feet. He went straight to Nuala. “My aura’s compromised,” he panted. “I’ll explain, but right now, before we even go somewhere safe, I have to know—”
“Mine is quite strong.” Nuala brushed her polished hair out of her eyes. I was too relieved, scared, and startled to interpret whether she and her husband were also. “Yes, I can shield us all in the aura within.”
I stood there and gaped while something in Wygate’s eyes loosened.
The next bit of conversation played like movie dialogue in which I had no part but to ping-pong my head among speakers and shout, “What?!” at the screen.
SEAMUS: “Where can we be safe?”
NUALA (firmly): “The library had a calm around it.”
WYGATE (eyeing his bookshelves inscrutably): “I know. Merry, grab your scarf. We’re going now.”
I reached for my snow gear automatically.
“No, just the scarf! The rest doesn’t matter, but never abandon Doctor Who paraphernalia.” He grinned.
“Seriously?!” I suddenly burst out. I actually screamed it, and everyone stared at me. “You want to make Who cracks? You haven’t explained anything!” I found myself quiet, making two simple statements: “Someone just tried to kill me. Why.”
He said nothing.
My face broke, and I sobbed with fear, “Why, if you want me here another second?!”
My throat felt raw. Wygate gently handed me the coat and gloves and mittens and muffs he’d told me to leave, then draped the scarf over his own shoulders. “Soon, I promise.”
“I don’t know anything about your promises,” I said, unsure whether to consider this sweet or to slap him again.
Frankly, he said, “You have a little something…” and touched his cheek.
I touched mine. No wonder everything was blurred; my eyes were streaming. Again! What was my poise coming to?
What happened next was miraculous. “All right, let’s go,” I said. “To the TARDIS!”
Seamus and Nuala looked at each other and shrugged.
As Wygate rushed to close the shop, I noticed his notebook making a teepee on the floor. I stared at it, remembering his offer to teach me the Tengwar, or Quenya if I was ambitious. “HECK YEAH!” I’d written back in his all-caps style.
Seemed like ages ago, yet he’d never begun lessons.
What did “I’M SORRY, MERRY” even mean?
I snatched up the journal and tucked it under my coat.
“Meredith?” Seamus asked over my shoulder. I jumped and whirled, but he was just holding the door open. “We’re finally off.”
The library was only a few blocks away, and the Sheehans didn’t seem keen to drive an American car any longer, so we hastened forward on foot.
 “So what happened to you? Why were you on the floor?” I wanted to ask about the notebook, but didn’t dare do more than press my hand over it.
Wygate checked his wrist for a watch, found none, and shrugged. “Unconscious, probably a full twelve hours. The Vespertilian couldn’t finish the job, perhaps because your compromise wasn’t genuine.”
“How did I ‘compromise’?” I tried to sound mocking, but my voice tottered like an old woman’s.
“You questioned my sanity on the ghost’s turf,” Wygate sighed. “It was enough to turn my aura ineffective around you and vulnerable toward the creatures.”
I leaped over a pile of snow and therefore missed my entrance when Wygate pushed through the library’s double doors. I hit the glass like an idiot, and that did not improve my temper.
I heard Seamus stifle a laugh and turned in time to see Nuala swat him. “Does Mr. Wygate never hold open doors?”
“Never once,” I said out of bitterness, pinching at my nose. This was not quite true. He’d never had to hold open a door for me before, so I had no idea if he usually did.
He reappeared on the other side of the glass, waving us in with an impatient look that let us know he had no clue what he’d done wrong.
I threw the door open in his face. He stepped back, startled. “So, you’re some sort of—what? You just protect people from ghosts, whoever happens to be in your employ at the time?”
Seamus sucked in air. “She really doesn’t know?” he said in a wondering tone.
Nuala swept into the library behind him and gracefully stomped snow off her boots. “You’re one to talk. You had no idea about Edwin, yourself, or me—no more idea than I had.”
“Can we really talk here?” I sighed. My head hurt.
“Over in the children’s section.” Wygate motioned us away from the windows and into shelves decorated with wooden trees, complete with knotholes that contained squirrels and owls.
My fingertips brushed a two-dimensional bird’s nest. I came to the library all the time, but it never ceased to impress me.
The four of us squeezed into the M’s through Q’s. I smiled at The House on Falling Star Hill by Michael Molloy, and that felt good.
“Guess what. That’s my favorite,” I said.
“Pull it if it will relax you,” Wygate urged. I did, hugging it to me, feeling the cover through the plastic. “And you should only say ‘guess what’ if you’re surprising me.”
“How could you have known?”
“Every book is your favorite, Merry.”
I paused and pointed down the shelf. “Not Bridge to Terebithia. Stop correcting my word usage and tell me what’s happening. Please. There should be a please there, shouldn’t there?”
Wygate nodded. “I’m sorry it’s taken so long. I had to be sure we were safe. Nuala?”
“It’s calm.”
Wygate’s voice dropped low even though the Sheehans could still hear every word, yet so intense he almost convinced me they couldn’t. “Merry, do you remember when I told you how you shine?”
I felt a blush rise. “I do seem to recall that…”
“I meant it quite literally,” he said, his voice completely unembarrassed.
I saw Nuala press her palm to her nose and shake her head.
“I should have seen it sooner, but you only shimmered before you came into contact with Seamus.”
Seamus saluted me, once again a reminder of where I was. (In danger, unseen but not unsensed. One may miss the road signs, but it’s hard to miss the place.)
“You never spoke to him, never touched, but you noticed and conducted yourself in just the right way.” Wygate smiled.
Nuala touched my hand. “You shine almost as brightly as he does, now.”
“Pray tell what that means for me.”
Wygate also touched my hand, more briefly. “It means you’ll never be safe again.”


correcting my word use and

correcting my word use and tell me what’s happening

>Um, that's usage,  but the rest of this is so good I can't complain. More lovely Whovian references, and the straightfowardly comicall dialouge like

"I was a bit at war with myself. Like Helms Deep--" Maybe the Black Gate or Pelennor Fields would work better, but that's a geek/nerd debate we could have elsewhere...

Julie | Tue, 06/07/2011

Formerly Kestrel

 Now I'm even more

 Now I'm even more intruiged.....

Sarah | Wed, 06/08/2011

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

HOORAY! This was a very

HOORAY! This was a very exciting chapter, and I am EXTREMELY intrested in what happens next.

E | Wed, 06/08/2011

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Kestrel: Good, very good,

Kestrel: Good, very good, I'll never make that mistake again. *facepalms, embarrassed* I'm glad you liked the rest. :) When I think of long, sweaty, hopeless battles, Helm's Deep always comes to mind. Maybe the rain is an added slap in the face. It just looked and sounded so miserable.

Sarah: Oh good. Until I've figured out what's going on, that's going to be an asset.

Erin: Thanks for saying it was exciting! I was nervous that all the exposition would bore everyone who wanted to get more action.

Anna | Thu, 06/09/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

:) Heehee. I love it!

:) Heehee. I love it!

Heather | Sat, 06/11/2011

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"

Anna, I LOVE YOU. For

Anna, I LOVE YOU. For whatever reason, Wygate just makes my day. Thankyouthankyoutahankyouthankyou for not abandoning this story. I look forward to reading more--and SOON!

LoriAnn | Sat, 06/11/2011

Heather: :) Oh

Heather: :) Oh good.

LoriAnn: Well thank you, but don't count on "soon." I will get more up, but it takes SO LONG to write a book with no idea of the plot.

Anna | Mon, 06/13/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


We want more.



Please? Preeeeety please? I know that the physical appearance of the 'please' does not matter, but....Please

Julie | Sat, 07/16/2011

Formerly Kestrel

I'm working on it, I promise!

I'm working on it, I promise!

-Anna, too lazy to re-sign in

Emily Grace | Sat, 07/16/2011


Is more coming?

Julie | Mon, 09/05/2011

Formerly Kestrel

Great question!

I have a page and a half. I need to write the rest of Seamus and Nuala's story; that's what's taking me so long. After that, I sort of know where I want certain things to go. So there should be more soonish. I'll put it up the day it's done.

Anna | Mon, 09/05/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

What the-

Heck! I'm SOOOOO SUPER CONFUSED!!!!! What on earth is going on? I have no clue whatsoever! The first and second chapter of this story was great! The last two... totally confusing! So... How... what? And if you ask "What was confusing" my answer would be "Everything" more, please! Or I'll never understand!

Kassady | Sun, 10/23/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Er, that's probably because

Er, that's probably because I've been making this one up as I go along. I like the first and second chapter better myself, but everyone wanted to know what happened to Seamus and Nuala, and then that fake chapter was much more exciting than the original... The good news is, I'm trying to make up answers too.

BTW, I actually hated Wuthering Heights, although Merry can like it if she insists. But Jane Eyre's just brilliant.

Anna | Sun, 10/23/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief