A Enchanting Night

A Poem By Annie // 12/26/2010

Glimmering chandeliers cast light around the open room,

While the shiny wooden floors were polished perfectly smooth, and soon,

The musically inclined enter with a flurry of skirts and shoes,

Their instruments, into the dance hall they were moved.

Hear the voices rise and fall as excitement fills the night air,

The anticipation, twas almost too much to bear.


Gone are secrets, sorrow, and  shyness,

Tonight, all will be grandness.

The young ladies wait with giddy whispers,

In low tones talk the young misters.

They discuss whom they are to say hello,

And if they will be asked to dance by their favorite young fellow.


They call, “Pick your partners!” and I wait for mine,

Everyone forms a picture perfect line.

Directions are called and music begins,

A mystical melody is played by the violins.

Forward, back, confusion, we don’t always get it right,

But the couples turn and smile, tis a beautiful sight.


From above, the partners twirl and spin,

Laughter and smiles, friends they will win.

Joyful moments make tonight the best,

No one would like to go home and rest,

At this momentous occasion, a ball,

A love story, perhaps for all.


The distant melodies fade away at midnight,

All the fun is done tonight.

We file out, one by one,

All are exhausted to the bone.

Beautiful people, wishing well,

Till next time, pray tell?



Wow! This is lovely!

Very good Annie! I loved this! and I love that dress your wearing! Was this a poem of your expierence?

It reminds me of something from Little Women by Alcott (I don't think I spelled her name right :( ) Sush a good book! 

Such a pretty dress!

Loved this!

Write On! 

Kassady | Tue, 12/28/2010

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


 Thank you! and yes, it is from the experience I had at a ball last year :) 

No no, you spelled it right! I'm reading Little women right now, I like it a lot. 


Annie | Tue, 02/08/2011