Lady in the Jar

Fiction By Kathleen // 5/8/2011

His assistants all thought that he had gone mad. They heard him talking when there was no one there. They heard many words, but the most important one was Vivien. It was the name of the only woman that the great wizard Tobias had ever loved.
Poor Tobias, they would murmur. Her death, it was too much for him. He’s gone quite daft.
Of course they were all wrong. Tobias was not mad, or daft, and was only slightly eccentric. But he was old, older than he would have liked to be. He was still a very tall, stately man, with a hawkish nose, and iron gray hair, that had once been black. His eyes were an intense forest green, and he had thick bushy eyebrows.
One of his peculiarities was that everywhere he went, he carried a jar with him. This occurrence happened only shortly after Vivien’s tragic death, the death that should have never happened.
It was a tall, elegant jar, a dark, blue, glass, vessel. Anyone could see that it held water. Anyone would have supposed it held much, much more. They noticed his delicate care of the jar, the way ( if they were not mistaken) that he seemed to bestow loving glances on the jar, his harshest features softening. He guarded the jar as if it were more precious than a star’s voice, or a phoenix’s tear.
None of his assistants ever knew. They would never understand his abominable act of love.
One day, Tobias knew. He simply knew that he was going to die. He rushed into his room on the eve of his death, with the jar.
He closed the door. Sat the jar on the table and lifted the lid. It was her. It was Vivien. It was the woman to whom he had given a most pitiful immortality.
Her face wavered in the water, then became clearer. She was as beautiful now as on the day when she had died. Her face bore none of the usual signs of time.
Her hair, a dark honey color fell in waves about her face. Her eyes were a deep blue, and her lips, full and symmetrical. He never could kiss those lips.
This night would not be like the others.
‘’I’m dying. ‘’ rasped Tobias. ‘’ I’m dying, my beautiful Vivien.’’
The face of Vivien gave look of some concern, but seemed mostly relieved.
‘’ Take me with you. Spill my continents upon the floor until I am nothing on this earth. Do what I asked years before, instead of condemning me to this lifeless life.’’
The water rippled as she shook her honey curls.
‘’ No!’’ shouted Tobias, ‘’ You are beautiful. You are forever.’’
‘’ I am as old as you, though I don’t look it, and I am unnatural. This should have never been.’’
‘’ I resurrected you! I gave you life.’’
‘’ You gave me your own selfish heart,’’ said Vivien, her blue eyes glaring at him, out of the water. ‘’ You didn’t care about me. You wanted me for yourself. I didn’t realize the kind of person you were. Don’t deny it!’’
‘’ Vivien!’’ cried Tobias.
Already Vivien had begun to feel a strength that she had never felt before. The jar jiggled until it crashed on the floor below.
Tobias collapsed in absolute shook, a look of horror permanently fixed on his face.
When the cleaning crew came into the room, they simply wondered why Tobias, in his last moments, should be careless with the jar that he had kept safe all those years.


So you know

 This is the thing I ended up writing about a jar.

Kathleen | Mon, 05/09/2011


Can you make this into several parts?! PLEASE? This was awesome--one of my favorite short stories on AP yet! You have, have, have to make this much longer! Like...maybe this can be the prologue and then you can go back in time to better explain things. OH YOU HAVE TO WRITE A PART TWO...and three! AND FOUR AND FIVE!! This was just spectacular. Love it! :)))


Madeline | Mon, 05/09/2011

Wow....that reminded me of a

Wow....that reminded me of a Patricia C. Wrede short story. Very good : ).

Clare | Mon, 05/09/2011

To Homeschoolgirl

 Thank you so much! I think I might write more, especially about Vivien. I would have to go back in time, considering at this point of my story, both of my characters are dead.

Kathleen | Mon, 05/09/2011

You're welcome!

You're welcome--I really enjoyed this! It would be wonderful if you'd write more. Here's your first reader request: PLEASE WRITE MORE! Haha! And post to AP if you do...I'll be sure to read and comment!

Madeline | Mon, 05/09/2011

Nice to know

Nice to know I'm not the only one who killed the jar.

This was really interesting. You don't have to write more, but I would enjoy it.

Anna | Mon, 05/16/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

This has nothing to do with

This has nothing to do with your story, but

I recentally applied for permission to start a fanfiction university for Doctor Who. Would you like to be a student there? I'm trying for at least a dozen real-world based students, and I thought you might be interested.


Julie | Wed, 05/25/2011

Formerly Kestrel


This was totally incredible! I'm glade I took the time to read it! Well done!

Write on!

Kassady | Wed, 05/25/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Sounds interesting

 Hey Kestrel,

  that sounds interesting but I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. Btw, I have a Doctor related poem coming up on apricotpie!

Kathleen | Thu, 05/26/2011


I can't wait to see it.

Julie | Thu, 05/26/2011

Formerly Kestrel


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