Morgan and Uther

Fiction By Kathleen // 7/12/2011

One glance into Uther’s eyes,dark as the grave, told me all I needed to know about the man. He was ruthless, unyielding, no different than any other king.
This man looked with distain on me, on me, when he was the one, who had as good as murdered my father. For a moment I remembered how my father’s golden laugh, and how his blue eyes had sparkled.
I brought my gaze to the hard man that stood before me, and shuddered in rage.
‘’ You’re too spirited, Morgan. It’s time you learned some proper piety,’’ he said. Was he insane? ‘’ You have been quite . . . disruptive.’’ I felt my cheeks flush a bright red.
I snorted. ‘’ What kind of piety am I supposed to learn from a lusting murderer?’’
‘’ That’s enough, Morgan.’’ He slapped me. I wanted to flinch, but I didn’t. I would never give him that satisfaction. ‘’ I am your father, and your king. By God, you will show me some respect.’’
I didn’t speak. He was wrong. This man could never be my father, and though he was the king, I would never allow him to be my king.
‘’ You are to be sent to a nunnery. There, perhaps you will repent of your sins.’’ The gall!
I stood tall as a young noblewoman should. I stared straight at him. ‘’ You think that you have won, that a few restraints are all it takes to break me. You’re wrong. You don’t know me. Today, I take a new name for myself. I am no longer Morgan of Cornwall, but Morgan Le Fay.’’
I strode out the door.
‘’ It will be fifteen years!’’ he called after me. So be it, I thought. I had no less resolve than before.
I swore an oath that Uther, and those of his line would see justice done. I had plenty of time for that.


 Very good! Did this actually

 Very good! Did this actually happen in the King Arthur stories, or did you make up the reason she became Morgan Le Fay?

Laura Elizabeth | Sun, 07/17/2011

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --

Morgan Le Fay

 Thanks so much for commenting. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by ''this''. If you mean Morgan being sent to a nunnery, then yes I'm pretty sure that's in the legends, although it doesn't say how long. If you mean the story behind that, then yes that's very much in the legends. Morgan's mother, the lady Ygaine was married to the Duke of Cornwall, but Uther ( Arthur's father) lusted after her so he waged a war because he wanted her. The Duke of Cornwall was killed, and the Lady Ygaine became Uther's queen. That makes Morgan half- sister to Arthur. In my opinion, it was only natural for her to hate Uther.

Kathleen | Sun, 07/17/2011


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