Overlords part 5

Fiction By Kathleen // 6/29/2011

‘’We have grown too lax,’’ said Hira standing in the midst of the overlords, ‘’ too content with our rule. But no longer!’’ he said, his harsh voice clanging throughout the halls. ‘’ I have been informed that they plan to attack Marlind. We must not allow defeat as we have done before, Go Garrab, Vora, and bring the best of our forces here!''

  The two overlords left.

  Liadan woke in a wonderfully comfortable room, in a wonderfully comfortable bed, and felt sick with guilt. She thought of going back, of telling him it was all a mistake, that it had been somewhere else. But she wouldn’t; she knew herself too well. Well at least I’ve gotten what I always wanted, Liadan told herself, trying to take grim delight in her victory. All she had ever wanted was peace, an ordinary life, and the comforts that went along with that, even though she hardly knew what that meant. Life had ceased to be normal since before she was born. She remembered the freedom she had felt when Gethin left, but now she had made decisions that were too late to change. He’ll never forgive me. However much he loves me, he can never forgive me.

   Valerius felt uneasy. It was almost as if the overlords had known of their attack, but who could have told them? He knew each one of the rebels. They were loyal; he was sure of it. He pushed the thought from his mind. It made no difference.

   The rebels trained vigorously, preparing themselves for the attack on Marlind. Gethin thought what it would mean if they successfully killed the overlords, and set some of their people as rulers. It would mean that at least in Marlind their people could begin to rebuild their lives, and perhaps Liadan would see the truth!

   Gavon saw the owl as it flew past. He could see by its emerald eyes that this was no ordinary owl, but it a sage owl; the owl that spoke in human tongue, but only in riddles. It flew down to the lowest branch, quite close to him. It said something to him, something that no one else heard, but he would later repeat.

   Elfreda could hear Gavon and Gethin arguing.

  ‘’ I’m sure that what it meant!’’

  ‘’ You don’t know that! It can’t be. If it is . .’’ Gethin stopped.

 Gavon and Gethin stormed off, going their separate ways.

 ‘’ What happened?’’ asked Elfreda.

 ‘’ We had an argument.’’ said Gethin. Elfreda waited.

 ‘’ Gavon believes that the sage owl’s riddle means my sister is a traitor.’’

  She was shocked, entirely so. Gethin had never mentioned a sister before. Elfreda felt hurt, and more than hurt she felt betrayed.

  ‘’ Why didn’t you tell me you had a sister. I thought-’’

   Gethin cut her off with brutal speed.

  ‘’ That’s just it. I had a sister, but if Gavon is correct then I no longer have one.’’

    She thought she had understood him, known him, but as she searched his face he seemed dark, unreachable.


Double-meaning to the rescue,

Double-meaning to the rescue, right? Right? 

Am I right in my impression that the person doing the right thing is Liadon? Or perhaps it's not that clear...

Also, I've been meaning to ask, what's your profile picture from?

Anna | Tue, 07/05/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

Profile picture

 My profile picture is from BBC TV series robin hood. My profile picture is of Marian,  and she is awesome.

Kathleen | Wed, 07/06/2011

PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will not survive unless you write more of this story!!!!! What happens next? PLEEEAAAASE WRITE MORE SOOON!!!!!!

Arya Animarus | Fri, 07/08/2011

Oh for the times when I felt invincible.


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