Overlords part 6 ( NOT THE END!)

Fiction By Kathleen // 10/12/2011

‘’ Valerius has to be informed! So that those of Raehadon can be prepared for to attack!’’
Gavon spoke with a vehemence that was unusual for him. In Gethin’s eyes Gavon could seem mild, even weak. But in this matter he was absolute, unbendable.
‘’ You could be wrong.’’ said Gethin.
‘’ I do not ask that you inform Valerius. But if you will not, then I must.’’
‘’ Go, then and do what you will.’’
Gavon knocked on the door, and the Lady Reinald answered him.
‘’ I need to speak to Valerius,’’ he said with some urgency. She looked at him oddly. After all he was no warrior, yet he must have some reason for coming here.
Valerius stood before him. Gavon bowed.
‘’ What is it?’’ he asked.
‘’ Sir, I have some information that may prepare you. I believe there is a traitor-’’
Valerius interrupted him.
‘’ I knew it! I knew it!’’
‘’ but not here. I believe that there is a traitor in inside Marlind.’’
‘’ What? Explain!’’
And Gavon told him what he knew.
Gethin saw the hordes of overlords that surrounded Marlind, and knew that some one had betrayed Marlind, if not Liadan. He didn’t want it to be Liadan, and yet he could not dismiss the idea that lingered inside his mind. He remembered the conversation they had before he left, the way that she had looked at him, and more than that. She had slapped him, called him a fool.
At that moment something inside Gethin snapped; he began to fight with a ferocity that even he could not understand. He was the victim no longer; he had become the ruthless avenger. He fought in a precise, calculated blur.
And then Gethin saw him, Hira, leader of the overlords. ‘’ Welcome, Gethin. It was your sister. What was her name? I never asked.’’
‘’ I have no words with you,’’ said Gethin.
‘’ But you do Gethin, you do. I have waited for this moment, and I have done more than wait. You see in addition to shapeshifting we have many gifts. I can see into the future. I knew this was going to happen. You have played straight into my claws.’’
Gethin didn’t understand. Why was he telling him this?
‘’ We don’t have to fight, Gethin. You could take your place among us. Doubtless you have gifts that are as of yet, hidden. You are after all, of my blood.’’
Within one terrifying moment he knew that this was true, that though Sylvia had been his mother, the man who he loved had not been his father. And it was terrifying because he could not claim to be without fear. But because he was not without fear, did not mean he was without scorn.
He stared for a moment at the creature to whom he owed his existence, and felt nothing but absolute disgust, contempt, and shame.
He unsheathed his blade.
‘’ What is blood?’’ said Gethin. ‘’ It is nothing, less than nothing, without the true ties of kinship. Shall we that of loyalty?’’
They began to fight, trading blows, Gethin deflecting Hira’s with his sword.
‘’ You would have a place of honor among us, a chance to use the talents that has been denied.’’
‘’Honor? What can you know of honor?’’ asked Gethin, his blade sinking into the overlord’s chest.
‘’ More than you think. One of my blood, my son, you cannot know how you deprive yourself, what you could be. . .’’
Gethin was revolted by the possessive tone he gave to the word son.
‘’ I am not your son. I declare myself kinless among all creatures of this world. I choose. I choose to fight. I choose humanity.’’
Gethin had been fighting furiously, gaining the upper hand. Hira sank to the floor.
‘’ From this day,’’ said Gethin, ‘’ I live for no one, nothing but justice.’’
Though it must have been clear to the overlord that he was dying, when he spoke he seemed amused.
‘’ An empty life, that. You would have had a place among us, but now, I suppose you will live as a wanderer, a vagrant. You don’t even know our real name, do you?’’
Hira’s face was changing, slowly returning back to human shape.
‘’ Fare well, Kinless One.’’
Gethin felt no remorse over the overlord’s death, only an awful knowing within his marrow, the in the overlord’s twisted mind, he had somehow meant that farewell.
It had been a victory for the rebels of Raehaddon. Marlind would finally begin to rebuild, and leaders would be appointed from among the villagers. But Gethin felt he had no part in it.
He was sick of all the bitterness, and hatred that was within him. He hoped that by some small measure he might be able to redeem himself for everything he’d done, and everything he was.
Then he saw her. Liadan. He knew her by her slender form, and her auburn hair, for she dared not meet eyes.
He spoke to her in a voice soft, dangerous. ‘’ I forgive you Liadan, for what you’ve done. And I never want to meet you again, at least not for a very long time.’’
Gethin walked off into his future, a future apart from Marlind, Raehaddon, or the overlords.


As I said

 this is not the end. More has been written and will be posted

Kathleen | Wed, 10/19/2011

As I said

 this is not the end. More has been written and will be posted. 

Kathleen | Wed, 10/19/2011

I liked the battle - and that

I liked the battle - and that it wasn't overdone. I can just hear Gethin saying that to Liadon, more's the pity. But I think I missed something, 'cause one moment he was talking to Gavon, and the next moment he was fighting with the overlord...

Anna | Thu, 10/20/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


 Sorry about that. I'll try to fix that. It's actually Valerius and Gavon talking in the first part. Propably my fault as a writer for not being clear enough. But anyways, thank you for commenting and being such a loyal reader. I really appreciate it!

Kathleen | Fri, 10/21/2011


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