Skip Mulligan

Fiction By Ariel // 5/10/2010

Note: This is a short assignment that I had in our American Literature class. We were told to write a paper on what seem to be positive characteristics in one person and then what seem to be the negative characteristics in the same person. So yeah...this is Skip Mulligan.


Skip Mulligan – Positive

          Skip Mulligan lives on Wimpole Street. A charming lad he is indeed with thick brown hair and a disarming smile. Tall and strong, he stands out from the crowd like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Confidence oozes out of every pour, and playing a part is like breathing. His dark eyes draw you in instantly and you can’t tear yourself away from them.

          When you first meet him, the first thing you will notice about him is his “coolness”. In a world where guys with dark sunglasses and shaggy hair rule the world, he is indeed a prince. There’s something about him that makes everyone around him want to be just like him.

           Gaining skill in a trade is like taking candy from a baby for him. When he makes up his mind that he wants to do something, he goes ahead and does it. He is always polite and full of the right words to say. A perfect child this Skip Mulligan is. Talk of the town; popular with the girls; fun to hang around; captain of the football team; homecoming king, he is indeed a charming lad.


Skip Mulligan -- Negative

          The list of this child’s positive qualities could stretch to the moon, but if you notice something, none of them go deeper than his perfect skin.

          Charming he is, in fact he oozes charm from every pour. He oils his way across the floor and melts your heart with his perfect smile. The coolness that at first draws you to him afterward turns you away from him. That perfect smile and laughing ways become more patronizing as you get to know him longer. His looks become repulsing once you realize how fake they just are.

          The want to be just like him become something that tears at your soul and depresses you as you gaze at his perfect life and then at your own inadequate one. But he is all a show; a stage play with a perfect script and him standing in the spotlight. If the crew goes to sleep around him, he locks himself in his dressing room and refuses to come at curtain call. He makes his own rules and sets his own clock. You get in his way, he pushes you into the orchestra pit.

          Charming lad he is most certainly not.

          Skip Mulligan is a Disney movie. He has the looks; the talent; the smarts; the double life. The only thing he doesn’t have is the blond wig.



This caught my eye at first because my grandpa's name is Skip Milligan... But anyway, this was interesting. I liked the extended metaphor of the play/performance a lot. And the last line made me chuckle.

Hannah W. | Mon, 05/10/2010

Haha, I loved this :) I adore

Haha, I loved this :) I adore character studies.

E | Tue, 05/11/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


this is amazing. :)

Sar | Tue, 05/11/2010


Lol, this is great. Very fun sketch.

LoriAnn | Tue, 05/11/2010

I can't shake the felling

I can't shake the felling that I met this person...odd.

I am Nate-Dude | Sat, 08/21/2010



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