Acorns, Art, and Sisters

An Essay By Beatrice // 10/26/2001

This is my 3rd assignment for my Grammar and Comp class. I had to write three unrelated paragraphs.

Nature’s Personality

All living things have their own personalities. Daisies appear cheerful, orderly, and unimaginative, while Mums seem comfortable, stable, and established. Impactions feel shy, and like to live together in the shade all the time not realizing how absolutely pretty they look together. Roses can seem passionate and proud of it, while Pansies look anything but proud, and spend all summer giggling together. Some of the best personalities fall from the sky, making a “bump” when they hit the earth. These children will form the next generation of the graceful and subtle oak tree. Anything but graceful now, acorns just have a way of looking like true characters. My little sister, Catherine, has the perfect word to describe them, “plumpy”. She uses this word to describe herself and other round, cute, and pleasant things. Their hats give them the look of little forest explorers, and the difference in the shapes and colors of their heads give some the look of suspicious but good-hearted Russian hunters, while others of jovial, well fed farmers. I take such pleasure in slowing down enough to see and hear the individuality of every living thing.

A Masterpiece

Presently on our computer desktop there appears a very striking and beautiful painting. Fra Angelica, a monk living in a monastery, painted this masterpiece. It portrays the Annunciation, Mary’s visit from Gabriel, the archangel. Intense colors and many details fill the picture, giving it depth and majesty. Mary sits encompassed in a luminous midnight blue cloak that folds back around her neck revealing a green interior, giving her the look of a flower wrapped in its encasement. With her arms crossed over her bosom she portrays her complete willingness to be the “Handmaid of the Lord.” Her face seems solemn and accepting as rays of light accompanied by a dove representing the Holy Spirit flow down upon her. Before her the angel kneels resplendent in glory with his eyes fixed upon her. This painting brings beauty to my day, and I hope it will always remind me to step away from my busy schedule and remember what truly holds importance in my life.

Little Sisters

My little sisters, Theresa and Catherine, have almost opposite personalities, but somehow they have become friends and remain so most of the time. Nine-year-old Theresa seems very conscious of her position in the family, and she often feels that she has missed out on something being the second daughter and fourth child. Five-year-old Catherine knows that she holds the place of “most” importance in the family, and makes it her business to remind us of that throughout the day. Theresa does not like to wear anything out of the ordinary because she does not want to stand out. On the other hand, Catherine delights in wearing long colorful dresses. When something does not fit Catherine’s expectations, she has a couple of very effective ways of letting everyone know her feelings on the matter. Sometimes she becomes completely limp so that you cannot get her to walk at all, and at other times she refuses to speak to you other than by screaming. These tactics Theresa would never dream of using. Would you ever guess that these two could spend hours playing together? Somehow they must balance each other. I envy them because by becoming more and more familiar with each other eventually they will become true friends as well as sisters.


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