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An Essay By Beatrice // 8/19/2000

I’m 15 ½ and going into tenth grade at my school. My schools name is Home, my P.E. is walking the dog, and I have a full-time job as big sister. I’m the second oldest of 5, and my youngest sibling is 4. I was born in Cleveland OH. We moved to London, England when I was about 5. We lived there for 3 ½ years, and then moved back to the Cleveland area. It was really a wonderful experience living abroad, even if I mainly remember things like playing dolls, and eating cucumber sandwiches, and chocolate with the girl across the street. Anyway, around this time last year my dad accepted a job in Massachusetts. It’s amazing how hard it is to move when you’ve been in one place for a while (in our case, 6 years), and how sentimental one can feel about a road, or a house you used to pass every day, not to mention my friends, my church, and our old house! It’s been a really tough move, and it’s really proven how important family is. Home really is where the heart is. Ok, more about me… Our dog is my great little friend. He may be small, and even fluffy, but he’s got a great heart and quite a tail. I love reading, art, classical music, history, and sitting around with a cup of hot chocolate. Math and Science I can really enjoy, but only if I understand them ;-) I am no Hollywood fan, and am terrible at actors’ names, so please don’t ask me!


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